Chapter 6

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My family doesn't celebrate Christmas lol I'm Asian so yeah BUT YAS!!!!!!

And it's Yuzu's SP (Chopin Ballade in G minor) today for Japanese Nationals 2k15 at Makomanai Ice Arena, Sapporo, Hokkaido!! I'll be around there tomorrow so if I can hear the screams of his fans during Seimei then God bless me let me die quietly



"I used to be a really good swimmer, you know?" Em chuckled, while she packed her belongings in her duffel bag.

"Swimming? Ahh, that's good for asthma. I used to play baseball," Yuzuru replied, folding his shirt neatly.

Today, they would be released from the confines of the white walls.

Em was equal parts happy, and equal parts sad.

Why was she feeling sad?

I'll never get to see him again, she thought.

A warm rush to her face told her that she was blushing.

"Hey Emma, toothbrush," Yuzu called from their shared toilet, carrying two cups with small toothbrushes sticking out of them.

One was a Pooh cup, with a yellow toothbrush, and the other was a Stitch cup, with a blue toothbrush.

It was plain as day, which belonged to who.

"How many times have I told you, not to call me Emma?" Em yelled, throwing her white hospital pillow at Yuzuru.

It hit him square in the stomach, and a squealing "oof" from Yuzu told her that she'd made her mark.

"Who's signing your discharge papers?" she asked, back facing Yuzu. She was trying to fit a pillow in or something, quite forcefully too, but to no avail.

"Oh, my coach and my mother have signed the papers, what about you?" He asked, zipping up his bag.

"My mother sent an email to the staff, they'll know," she mumbled, still stuffing the pillow in.

Yuzuru walked towards her, his duffel bag slung casually over his shoulder. Oh, and the coat, he remembered, putting on his navy blue coat, and tying his fluffy oatmeal scarf around his neck.

"What are you doing--"

"Oh," he muttered.

Em was trying to stuff her Stitch into her duffel, but it wouldn't fit.

Yuzuru could see her blushing, her hands subconsciously moving Stitch away from him, obviously shy about her affection for the said cartoon character.

"So you're laughing at me for Pooh, while having a Stitch yourself?" He asked, throwing his head back into a laugh.

"Shut up," Em said, whacking Yuzuru's torso with the plush toy.

"You don't have to stuff it in there," he said. Yuzuru pried the Stitch out of her hands.

"Just carry it in your hands. Proudly," he whispered, eyes twinkling.

He tucked the blue plush toy under Em's arm, and held his Pooh.

"You shouldn't be ashamed of liking something," he smiled.

The walls are red. Red like the warmth I feel, thought Em.

"Um, yeah," Em stuttered, slinging her duffel over her shoulder too, leaving the room.

"Hey, your coat, you gumbie," Yuzuru laughed, handing Em her maroon coat and a fluffy oatmeal scarf that looked eerily like his.

"Oh yeah, I forgot," Em chuckled, putting them on.

"Oh, by the way, we should keep in touch," Em suggested, giving an awkward smile.

"Sure!" Yuzuru replied, a little too quickly.

Damn it, Yuzu. You need to reply after a socially acceptable period of pause, dumbie.

"Let me google your name, then I can find your Facebook and Instagram," Em said, typing his name into her iPhone.

Before she could press enter, Yuzuru snatched the phone away quickly.

"Sorry, ah, you don't need to, um, google me, I don't have social media accounts anyway," he stammered, blushing.

This close from finding out who I was, he thought.

"Um, let me enter my mobile number, okay?" Yuzuru mumbled, embarrassed by his sudden actions. He proceeded to enter the string of numbers, rattling it out in his head.

He saved his name as Yuzu, with a small yellow Yuzu fruit, just for puns.

"Oh...err... I'll type mine in your phone too," Em suggested.

Yuzuru fished for his own phone and passed it to her.

She inspected the small red Japanese charm dangling from it. It looked like a small red school bag.

"What's that?" She asked, poking at the charm.

"Oh, that. It's a Japanese charm, to bless you in your studies," he said.

"I am absolutely horrid at anything related to math," she laughed.

To Yuzuru, it was quite stunning to see her laugh, bent over, her messy brown hair tumbling down her shoulders. The way she would brush her hair out of her eyes, revealing those blue eyes of hers. They were like the ocean, ever changing. They could be dark, like the deep sea, or light blue, a little sea green, like the marine reefs. Now, it was sea green. The way he loved it.

As they parted from the lift lobby of the hospital, they closed in for a friendly hug.

It was lucky for Yuzuru, as Em couldn't see him red like a tomato. It was socially awkward for him, partly because Japanese culture was more conservative about physical contact between genders, but also because he was, well, a socially awkward penguin.

Yuzuru waved, as he disappeared slowly amongst the crowds.

Em stood there, occasionally still catching a small glimpse of Pooh in his arms, a mop of his black hair, weaving through people.

He had a family to welcome him home.

She kind of wished her parents would pick her up too.

Thank you for bringing colours to these white walls.

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