One Last Kiss

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Chapter Fourteen: One Last Kiss

I sat on the front steps of the school talking to Jake and Connie when I saw Ricky pull into the parking lot. He parked his bike and came walking towards me with an angry expression on his face. He held the note that I had left him last night in his hand.

"Excuse me," he said, "I need to talk to Kat alone."

"I don't think---" Connie began but I shot her a look telling her that I'm fine. Plus, I needed to talk to him about everything so we could move on already. Jake and Connie walked off letting me and Ricky have some privacy or as much as we were permitted.

"What's this?" he asked holding the note up.

"A note that I wrote to you," I said. "Mr. Martin had another apartment that recently became open so I took it. Now, you have the entire place to yourself again."

"No, why did you leave?" he asked.

"I told you I was leaving," I said. "I'm not going to live in the same house as my ex-boyfriend. That would just be too weird."

"Kat, I don't like this," he said.


"You living alone," he said taking a seat next to me on the steps.

"It's none of your business anymore," I said. "You remember saying that you just wanted to try to be a couple, and we did try but it didn't work out so now you're free to go back to your old ways."

"What if I don't want to?" he challenged.

"Well, then you must move on because I don't want to do this anymore," I said. "I've had to fight my entire life, and just maybe I'm tired of fighting for the things I want. I just want things to be easy for once in my life."

"Well, news flash," he said, "you're never going to have an easy life. No one's life is easy, Kat."

"Well, you just make it more complicated than it already is," I snapped venom leaking off my tongue. "So why make it harder than it already is?"

I stood up and walked inside the school leaving him sitting there on the steps without another word. I made it to my locker when I was met by Amberly.

"Hey, that was a little harsh back there," she said moving out of the way of my locker.

"Leave me the hell alone," I said quickly putting in my combination then opening my locker throwing my bag inside. "I mean it Amberly when I say that Ricky is all yours. If you want him take him because honestly my life's too complicated to add another person in it."

"Wow, I never expected it to be this easy," she said.

"Well, I did so congratulations," I said slamming my locker walking away from her. I walked inside my first period and sat down next to Connie. I knew she was waiting for a full report on everything that he said to me. I told her quickly before the tardy bell rang.

"I'm done," I said before turning to the front to pay attention to the teacher.

"So are you seriously not going to put up a fight?" she asked.

"I'm going to tell you exactly what I told Ricky and Amberly," I said. "Life's too complicated to add more to it."

"Okay, I'm done asking questions," she said.

"Thanks," I said.


I was sitting with my kids at the nursery when I got a text. Unexpectedly, it was from Luke.

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