They nodded, following me to the elevator lobby. As we waited for the elevator, we exchanged small talk about the weather, among other things. After a minute or two, we made our way up to the fourth floor. When we finally got inside the room, I set my things down on the empty table and sat down on the leather seat.

"So what's up?" I asked, starting the conversation. Dre leaned against one of the tables as Slim sat down on the long love seat. 

"Well, we wanted to thank you, actually," Dre said, glancing over at Slim. "We don't know what you said to Kells the other day, but it really got him focused again."

"He's not as distracted anymore," Slim concluded. "He's on top of his shit now. The album is scheduled to come out in about a month." 

"Finally there's a set date!" I said happily. "I'm glad he's back to normal again." 

I didn't want to say much else because what happened between him and I was our business. I'm just glad to have knocked some sense into him. 

"We're having a small get together tomorrow night," Dre said after a few seconds. "I know for a fact Slim was gonna invite Lauren, so I just wanted to extend the invitation to you too."

I smiled. "Thanks Dre, I definitely will be there." I glanced to Slim. "Just give Lauren the details and she'll relay them to me."

Both boys nodded and stood. "I guess we'll let you get back to work then," Dre said as he and Slim headed for the door. 

"Just text me if you have any questions about working with all this fancy equipment," Slim said, winking at me.

I laughed. "I'm actually meeting with a producer soon, so I think I'll be okay."

"Oh, really?" Slim paused at the door as Dre took a single step out; he glanced back at me. "Who?"

"Alex Kresovich?" I wasn't completely sure how to say his last name. "I've only heard good things about him and we've been exchanging emails for a few days now. I think I have the perfect song for him to produce." I felt my leg begin to bounce; I couldn't even hide my excitement. "So we decided to meet up. He should be here soon."

Slim began to nod. "Yeah, I've heard good things too. Just be careful, Niykee."

"Have fun, Niyk," Dre said. I waved to them both before they let the door shut behind them. 

I was now alone. I reached for my purse, grabbing my notebook and began to finger through the pages until it stopped at Cold War. I reread the lyrics to myself, harmonizing quietly when there was a knock on the door. I stood rather quickly, racing to the door. 

On the other side of the door was a tall, pale, redhead. He was dressed in jeans and a black hoodie. There was a black snapback hiding his red hair that unknowingly made his green eyes pop. "Niykee?" he asked. He seemed a bit taken back with my appearance. I smiled.

"Yeah. Hi, nice to meet you," I stuck out my hand for him to shake. Be professional, Niykee.

He took it gladly, a small smile spreading across his face. "I'm Alex," he said, walking into the room. He glanced around. "This is pretty awesome," he said lowly. "Never been in one of Bad Boy's recording studios before."

I shut the door and resumed to my previous location on the leather chair. "Yeah, that was me not that long ago," I chuckled. He took a seat next to me in the other chair. "So I've heard some of your stuff and it's really good. You're talented," I began. He was taking his laptop out of his backpack as I spoke. "So I know what song I wanted to work on with you but I wanted to tell you a little about myself first before we got started."

Once he powered on his laptop, he turned to me, leaning back in his chair. "I've done a little research; I like to know a little about the artist before agreeing to work with them, but you're more than happy to share some of your background. It always makes working with someone easier," he smiled, resting his chin in his palm. "Not only are you attractive but you're extremely talented. I must have watched about a dozen of your YouTube videos the other night."

I could picture my cheeks turning red as a tomato as I felt my face grow hot. "Thank you," I said sweetly. "I just got signed to Bad Boy/Interscope and my debut EP will be releasing soon, ergo why you're here. I'm originally from Chicago and started songwriting as soon as I had learned writing, I guess," I laughed nervously.

"So what kind of song did you want to work on today?" he asked. He rolled his chair toward his computer as he typed in his password. I grabbed my notebook from my lap placing it on the table in front of him. 

"This one," I said, pointing to the page.

I gave him a moment to read the lyrics. He then glanced to me, smiling. "We can definitely work something out."

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