Their here?!

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(6:30 P.M. the next day)

*Kayla's POV*

My phone vibrates as I start getting ready for the party later tonight. I pick it up and see it was a text from Lily.

Lily: Hey girly! Look extra pretty tonight ;) Just a hint.

Me: Hi chick! Why?!

Lily: Let's just say that when you see who's here your going to want to look your best. Lol :P

Me: Lily, please tell me who it is!!

Lily: Nope. :P Bye!

'Why won't she tell me?' 'Who could I possibly need to look good for?' all these thoughts fill my mind as I get more and more mad. I let it go and decide that I need to get ready. I open my closet and try to find something nice to wear. I decide on a red dress that is about two or three inches above my knee. It is a three quarter lace sleeved dress with a skater skirt like bottom. It has a key hole back and instead of zipping up it buttons. I also put on red open toe heals to go with. I apply black liquid eyeliner to my top and bottom eyelids, mascara, and light pink sparkly lip gloss. To finish the look I curl my hair in big loose curls.

Walking over to the mirror and smile, "Perfect."

*Olivia's POV*

I start getting ready around 7:00.

I walk over to my closet and get a black cocktail dress. It has a halter like top with lace details. The dress is tight all around and makes me stand out. I pull out silver high heal ankle boots. I don't put on any earrings, but I decide on a diamond bracelet instead. I apply a smokey eye, mascara, and nude colored lip stick. For my hair I put it into a messy up-do and curl the ends of my bangs.

*Kaleigh's POV*

It's 7:15, time to get ready.

I skip over to my closet. I pick out a light pink lace dress, It's strapless and hugs my waist. I slide on tan open toe heals, they have a bow on the front and lace all on the sides; my favorite pair. For my make up I put on a light gold eye shadow, perfect! I add mascara and light red lip gloss. I put my hair in a pony tail and curl it.

"Are you girls ready? It's 7:45!" I hear Kayla yell from down stairs.

'Yes! I'm coming right down!" I hear Olivia answer.

"Same here!" I scream while giggling for no reason.

I pick up my tan purse and my phone. I run down stairs, almost falling. When I get to the end of the stairs I see my beautiful sisters. They both look incredible!

"You both look pretty," I say

"Thank you," they say in unison

"I love your shoes!" adds Kayla

"Your welcome, and thank you!" I reply

"Party time!" screams Kayla

"All day, all night!" continues Olivia

"Dj Malik, Dj Malik!" I finish.

We walk to the car laughing about what we just did. We drive away.

*Kayla's POV*

We walk into the club. There is no music on, just people dancing and drinking.

"Hello," someone kindly greats me and taps my shoulder.

I turn around and see that its Lily. She's wearing a dark purple dress that is tighter than Olivia's. It's not slutty though. It hits right above her knees. The straps go around her neck and cross in the back into a bow. Her shoes are simple black heals. I look up at her hair and see that she has waved it. She doesn't have a clip or anything in it, It looks nice. For her make-up she put on black liquid eyeliner, purple eye shadow, and natural looking lip stick.

"Hey! You look pretty!" I answer while hugging her.

"Thank you, so do all of you," she replies while hugging me back

"Thanks," we all say.

Just then the microphone turned on, causing there to be a loud squeak.

"Whoops, sorry about that. Now for tonight's entertainment," says the announcer

Olivia, Kaleigh, and I walk to the front of the stage. We were all excited to see who it was. Then the beat to Steal My Girl begins to play.

"Oh.." I begin.

"My.." Kaleigh continued.

"God..." Olivia finishes.

This is why Lily said I should look pretty, One Direction is here!

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