Flash Back Chapter 3.5

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Three Months Earlier-


"Dimitri I feel so guilty that I've kept this from her. She deserves to know." I finally said it. I know all the reasons why I shouldn't tell her, but there are so many more reasons why I need to tell her. If I don't tell her she will be so pissed at me when we go public and I can't handle her being mad at me. She needs to know it's only right. "Okay, Roza if that's what you want then tell her," He said after a moment. I know he's worried about me telling her, but I trust her more than anybody (besides Dimitri of course). "Thank You, Dimitri," was all I said before my lips crashed down into his. We both pulled back as clothes started to come off. "You have a class in five minutes you need to get going," he said still kissing shoulder. "Then stop doing that because that is really distracting plus it's only Stan's theory class I can ditch it," I said pulling him closer to me "No you can't so go and I'll see you for training; we can pick up where we left off." He said with a grin "Fine whatever," I grabbed my shirt and jacket and started walking towards the door before I look back "See you later Comrade." and I was out the door. 

The rest of the day was uneventful and Stan's class was boring as always. I still don't get why that ass hates me so much but whatever. I text Liss about five minutes ago and told her I really need to talk to her and she said she would be her in ten so I had five minutes to brace myself and figure out how I'm in love with the one guy I should never have. Oh and that my mentor and I are  doing a lot more than just training. Yeah, this was going to go great.

She arrived right on time as soon as she came in I told here to sit down and brace herself for what I'm about to tell her. "Rose, what's going on your starting to freak me out are you ok?" She asked,

 "Yeah I'm more than fine Liss but before I say anything you have to promise that what I say does not leave this room, Okay?" 

"Of course Rose, so what's up?"

"Liss so you know how you have been wondering who I have been seeing," she nodded "the person I'm seeing, well I'm in love with him and he's in love with me," I could feel wonder and excitement flow through the bond. "But we're not supposed to be, being in this relationship is dangerous."

"Who is it, Rose?"

"He Lissa is a Guardian and I love him more than anything."

"Wait what Rose. You...you're in love with...with a Guardian? Who? Who is it?" he asked frantically

"Liss who is the only male Guardian who I spend enough time with for him to know me the real me. Who is the only Guardian that I truly respect." I was hoping she would catch on soon this was getting harder and harder by the second.

"Oh My God my best friend since kindergarten is dating her mentor. I'm so happy for you, how could I not see this before it is so obvious the way you two are when around each other. I'm so happy for you." She had me in one of her death grip hugs.

"Liss I'm happy your happy about it but I can't breathe," She realised my

"Oh sorry, I have a billion questions but my top one is....wait for it...wait for it...have you two done it?"

I knew this was coming. I let out a reluctant sigh "Yes Liss we have, we are doing it."

I felt a slight wave of anger flow through the bond "Liss I'm sorry I couldn't tell you but this relationship is dangerous and we couldn't tell anybody."

"I know I know it okay and I'm happy for you. So how was it?" After that, we stayed up for hours talking until a knock at the door interrupted us. When I opened the door I saw Dimitri standing there. "Hey comrade come on in," and that when Lissa did somthing I thought I would never see her do. 

She got up from my bed and strolled over to Dimitri and slapped him and I mean really slapped him. I was surprised by all the power behind it. "Listen here I'm only going to say this once, if your ever and I mean ever hurt my sister I will persally kill you and refuse to bring you back to life, got it," he nodded "good." and with that she hugged him "I'm so happy for you too you guys are perfect for eachother."

It was a perfect moment until another knock came from my door. Damn why in the hell am I so popular to night. Of course when I opened the door I saw Christain standing there. GOd what is he doing here. "Sparky what are you doing here?" 

"Well it's almost curfew and Liss was supposed to meet me a half hour ago." he said

"oh I'm sorry Christain I was haveing a girl talk with Rose."

"It's fine Liss what were you two talking about anyways?"

She looked over to me and said though the bond "Can we tell him? We can trust him?" I looked over Dimitri and he nodded. He knew what I was thinking. I looked back at Liss and nodded my head.

"Okay what the hell is going on here." Christain asked

Lissa, Christain and I sat on my bed while Dimitri stood in the cornor whatching us while we talked. After about another ten minutes I told him about Dimitri and I and he was shocked say the least. 

"Wow that was a line I nerver thought either of you would cross," he said while looking between Dimitri and I. 

"Yeah I didn't think I would either but I geuss my fate said otherwise," I said while smiling at Dimitri.

And thats when Christain stood up and walked over to Dimitri. Once he stood in frount of Dimitri a ball of fire apperaed in his hand and started to talk "Listen here Belikov Rosie and I might fight but I love her like a sister and if you even think of hurting her I will personaly set you one fire, got it, "Dimitri nodded, god was this going to happen every time sombody found out about us? "Good."

With that he came and sat back down with Liss and I. "Wow I had no idea you thought of me like a sister thanks Christain you are like my brother but if anybody asks I will dienie it." I said fake punching him in the arm.

"Yeah well don't worrie I'll deinie it to." he said punching me back. We sat and talked for a little while longer until it was almost curfew. After they left Dimitri came and laid next to me on my bed. "Well that went better then I thought, " I said into his chest.

"Yeah I'm glad it went good Roza, I just wonder if I will get threatened every time sombody find out about us." 

"I don't know but what I do know is you better not hurt me or a lot of people will want to kill you." I said with a laugh.

"I have no intetion to Roza not ever, and as far as the threats well you're worth it Roza more than you'll ever know" he said pulling me closer to him. After a while sleep consumbed me and the last thing I rember is Dimitri telling me he loves me.

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