Chapter 7

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(Veronica's P.O.V)

The past few days hav gone by really fast. I'm not even sure that's a good thing. BEN and Jeff have been giving me the cold shoulder and I guess everyone else is too. Slendy has been gone a lot lately, so the only one who would really talk to me is fucking Squidward! 

I sat on the couch watching television. BEN walked into the living room and switched to the game. "Hey, I was watching that!" I yelled. BEN looked at me. "Yeah, so?" he said coldly. I sighed and sat back. BEN spent the next few hours playing random games like Pokemon and Sonic. He even played fucking Legend of Zelda! Of course he never died once. I stood up and left the room. I walked outside and walked all over the yard. I didn't know what to do! I sighed and sat down on the grass. I looked over to the night woods where Slendy probably is hunting. I heard loud, but short shrieks. Slendy probably got to them. I stood up and began walking to the woods. I was half way there when a hand grabbed me.  

I yelled and tried to pull away. I turned around and there was Jeff smirking at me. "Someone's a screamer" he said before letting me go. "That's not funny!" I said. He wore a smirk on his face. "Yeah it was" he looked at the forest. "Why were you going there anyways?" he asked. I shrugged my shoulders. "Well, I'll come with you" he said walking ahead. I nodded and followed. 

At least Jeff was talking to me again. It's nice to know that someone at least likes me in this house. 

We walked up to the forest and listened. "HELP ME! SOMEONE PLEASE!!" we heard someone scream. It was funny how someone could plead for their life, but no one is there to save them. Pathetic humans. 

We walked through the forest and couldn't find any notes. After an hour of looking, me and Jeff decided to take a break. 

"Man, this game is hard" Jeff whined. I rolled my eyes. "Someone must've found them already" I said looking at the trees. It was really dark out. I still wonder, how do people end up here? I sighed and stood up. "How do we get out of here?" I asked. Jeff stood up and looked around. "We don't he replied. "What?!"

"We have to win in order to leave" he said. I sighed and began walking with Jeff following behind. 

So far we've found five of the eight pages. We would constantly see Slendy, but it's like he doesn't recognise us. 

Once we got our sixth page, me and Jeff decided to split up. I went east and he went west. Once I was far away from him that I didn't see or hear him, the static came. I was being swallowed into it's dark aurora. I fell to my knees and looked up. A few meters away was the page. I tried crawling to it, but it was impossible. The darkness over powered me. 


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