Chapter 14

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Chapter 14



Y/n's house

3:15 PM

"Hey daddy." I said walking in the kitchen with Jasmine. "Hello Mr. Taylor." Jasmine said going immediately to the fridge getting her self some fruit. "Hey girls. Y/n let me talk to you real quick outside." Dad said walking outside. "Okay..? I'll be back in minute babe." I said kissing her lips. She kissed back. "Forever?" I said walking away backwards. "Forever." She said smiling.

I met my dad outside. "Whats up daddy?" "You know I love you and want the best for you?" He asked. "Si papa. ¿De qué se trata esto? (What is this about)" I asked curiously. "I saw your girlfriend the other day. I love that your happy. But that girl is no good for you. I don't think yall should be together anymore." I scoffed. "Dad who does that sound like to you?" I said referring to my grandfather. "I'm nothing like that man. I'm doing this because you could get hurt. I don't want you hurt. Your grandfather did that for greed and because he had a vendetta against my kind." Dad said.

My father was Black and was living in brownsville, new york while my mother was an "innocent" cuban chick from spanish harlem. My grandfather of course thought my dad was a gang banger. I thought my father would have over looked anything that Jass looked like. But I guess not.

"Listen if you want. I'm not forcing you to listen to me. I'm just warning you. Do what you want." Dad said shrugging and walking back into the house. I followed and went to my room and laid across Jass who was studying.

Jass is a good girlfriend. She wouldn't ever hurt me. Not intentionally anyway. I know it.


Talia house

7:15 PM

I walked in and sat on the couch. I pulled my laptop out and plugged it up. "We gotta make a PowerPoint presentation about the World Wars. So we gon' start from the beginning whe-" Talia closed my laptop. And moved it.


I grabbed her hand and pulled her up off my couch. "Let's go up stairs." I started pulling her up to my room. Snap! I smirked to myself as I knew what was going to happen.

I started to joke with Jass which made her vulnerable. I crawled on top of her straddling her and whispered "burned pussy lips" Snap! She laughed. Then I "bumped" into her "accidentally" kissing her. Snap! "Jass I'm sorry." "I'mma just go. I'll see you later." Jass said moving me and getting up and leaving. I smirked to myself I'm really gonna fuck up lives now. Yn watch out I'm gunning for you bitch.


I can't believe that hoe really kissed me. I need to tell yn. But then again she might lose her shit. All this stress ain't gon' be good for her. I'll tell her after ACT and SAT and all these bitch ass test. My head spinning right now I need to get home asap.

2 Day Later *spongebob announcer voice*





Lately Jass has been real distant. I call and she don't answer. She doesn't sit with me in class or lunch. She don't even come to the house no more. I gotta find out what's up.

I walked to my locker and opened it and Manila envelope fell out. I picked up and it read "For my baby" in big red letters. I thought it was from Jass. Maybe to explain these last few days.

I opened it. "What the hell!" I practically yelled.

"Oh you got my present. Like it? I really took my time with this. You know the thought counts." Talia said smirking at me.

I tied my hair up and put my bag down. "Let's go! I'm tired of you!" I said squaring up.


Yo I screwed up bad, really bad. I cheated on Y/n again. Man I messed around with Talia after that incident. Man Y/n gonna hate me when I tell her. I kinda don't have a choice.

I heard people saying "Beat her ass y/n." I ran down the hall towards the yelling. I saw pictures on the floor and Y/n fighting Talia. Again.

I picked up a picture and examined it. It was me and Talia cuddled up in her bed with Talia wearing little to no clothes.

I ran pulled Y/n off of Talia. "Baby stop!" I said holding Y/n back. "Get off me! I hate you Jasmine Centina! I can't believe you did this to me! I gave you my everything, and you do me like this?! Don't ever talk to me, ever again!" She snatched away my grip and ran outside. "Y/n Im sorry!" I said about to go after her. By the time I got to her she was in her car and pulling off.

I couldn't believe that I did this to Y/n. Better yet I couldn't believe Talia did this to me. You would think you fuck a bitch they keep they mouth shut. It was a deal. I keep fucking her she wouldn't tell Y/n. It started after that day we kissed. She started talking about. "If we keep messing around Y/n won't know." But shit this happened.


Yep this was my revenge. I permanently fucked up Y/n's life up like she did my girl Kaylen. Now this breakup will have her so mentally messed up forever.


12:30 PM

I can't believe she did this. I loved her. Why does this happen to me. I hate my life. I'm done with this. I'm done with females. I'm done being gay. Its too much drama. Bitches ain't loyal. I'm done with everything right now. 

I ran past my father who was sitting on the couch drinking a beer. Tears streamed down my face. "Baby girl. Princess what's wrong?" My dad said chasing after me. "You were right dad. Jass ain't good for me. She cheated on me. Just like Cassandra did. She was fucking my worst enemy. That puta. I hate her. I hate her." I said from the inside of my room as I changed into my jogging outfit. "Baby one watch your mouth and where are you going." My father read my voice so well. "The beach maybe. Idk I just need to get out of here." I said opening the door.

I jogged all the way to the beach and sat on top of the cliff looking down on the water seeing it crash against the rocks. I wish I wouldn't have ever came here. My life is ruined. I can't show my face in school. How could I have not seen the signs. The distancing or even the side glances Jass give Talia. Man I'm so stupid. 

Its cool. I'll become cold hearted and shielded from all feelings. No one will ever be able to hurt me ever again.

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