Insane Enderlox x Rejected!Depressed!Cutting reader

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As always: trigger warning.

Y/n pov

"GET OUT! JUST GO!" I backed up, shaking. MY parents stood in front of me, the door behind me. "You're not welcome here here anymore!" My father snapped, eyes glaring into mine like daggers. My mother was in tears, but still managed to give a hateful look. I backed up more, trying not to cry myself. "We've had enough of your lies!" He continued, taking a threatening step forward. "I-I'M NOT LYING! H-HE'S R-REAL!" I screamed back. He simply growled, "Fine. If you choose to continue to make up such stories. THEN GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE. You're not welcome here!" "Y-you can't  d-do that!" I gasped out. He grabbed something: a knife. "GET OUT! NOW!" Finally, I gave in, slamming open the door and running out. I could here angry yells of 'Don't come back', followed b a slamming door. by now, the neighbors were gathered, watching as I ran to the woods. I ran for what seemed like hours. Finally, when a clawed hand gripped my arm, I stopped. "Quiet a show you put on." An all to familiar voice hissed in my ear. Something that  made my life a living hell. Something that caused this. He was a demon, large black and purple wings folded on his back, a black tail curled at his side, and sharp claws cutting my skin. "Leave me alone." I growled, shaking him off. He laughed, appearing in front of me, "But I can't do that. It's so fun to see you in pain!" I glared at him again, turning around and walking away. Seconds later, I was slammed to the ground, a foot pressed to my neck. He hissed, "Don't you dare act like that, I could snap your neck in a second!" Gritting my teeth, I hissed back with just as much force, "Then do it." He grinned, "Well, now that you want it I can't do that." He forced me to my feet, grinning and giggling. "You want to do it, don't you? I can see it in your eyes." I starred at the ground, "I-I don't even ha-" A razor appeared in front of me, just sitting there in the air. "Go ahead," He whispered as I grabbed it, "You'll feel so much better." Without hesitated, I did, slicing my arms over and over again. 
I lost to his game.

I don't know what's up with me and evil things. I may have a problem. 
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