Chapter 5

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Knock... Nope, not getting up.

Knock..Go Away

Knock..." Rose come on get up,"

"Fine, Fine I'm up," I yelled walking towards the door. "What the hell do you- Oh hi come on in" I started but stopped when I saw who was standing there. Dimitri my Badass Russian Battle God. His eyes were studying my body with a look of love and lust. He stepped through the door and shut it behind him and that's when I realized I was only in a black lace bra and black lace thong. 

"You see something you like?" I echoed something I once said when we were still denying our feeling for each other and he caught me in a compromising situation. 

"Always," he growled, his accent slightly stronger than normal. I walked over to him and pushed him onto the bed and straddled him. I leaned down to his ear and asked in a low seductive voice "So what are you going to do about that?" I started to grind on him ever so slowly feeling how turned on he was.

"Roza," Oh he has no idea what that name does to me "As much as I want to continue," I moved faster and harder against him; he moaned. His hands were on my hips but made on attempt to have me stop. "You have your trials in ten minutes we should go." Yep, way to ruin the mood. After he said that I was off him trying to get my clothes on. I wore a pair black combat boot with army pant and a black fitted shirt. I grabbed both my stakes and hid them in their holding in my clothes and grabbed a leather jacket. When I looked over to where  I left Dimitri he had already composed his self to look presentable.

"Ready Comrade?"

"Let's go, Roza," he said motioning to the door. We walked in silence to the  arena. One thing that was great with Dimitri was that we never had to fill the silence with pointless chatter. We could simply just be. I went to the waiting area with the other novices while he went to get ready for the trails. You know if somebody told me a couple months ago that I would be graduating, have a semi-relationship with Janine Hathaway, meet my Moroi father (and like him), fall head over hill in love with my mentor or make so many kills as I have- especially as a novice I probably would have laughed hysterically and punched them in the face for lying: who knew they were right. I could only vaguely here novices names being called into the arena; I guess some would say I was meditating or something but I was really just trying to calm my heart rate and focus on not letting the darkness overtake me. 

"Are you meditating?" See what I mean. 

"What uh no, hi mom shouldn't you be out with dad?" I stood up and dusted off my pants

" Well, I Knew that Guardian Belikov and Guardian Petrov would be helping with the trials that I would come and support you. I know I haven't been a mother to you but I would like to try if you would let me. So here I am being there for my only daughter." Wow, I never knew my mother to be this loving and actually caring. For most of my life when somebody mentioned Janine Hathaway all I could do is resent her for abandoning me and leaving me at the academy when I was four. But I have now grown to respect her and love her. In this moment, she actually let her guardian mask fall and her face shown love and acceptance for me.

"Thanks, mom and I would love to have a new start with you," by the end of that sentence I was hugging my mother I could feel how tense she was a first but relaxed after a moment and hugged me back, right at that moment my name was called for my trail.

"Good luck you will do great,"

"Thank you, mom, you have no idea how much that means to me." With that, I was off into the arena. Who knew the guardians could be so creative within 48 hours ago they turned a field into a battlefield. Consisting of obstacle courses, traps, and hiding spots for the Strigoi to attack us from all angles. 

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