Chapter 61- You bring me Strength

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"H-harper." A voice croaked. Tears ran no further down her cheeks as she stopped wearily to the voice that had called out. It couldn't be?

No, it couldn't be? It had to be a dream. Harper was just hearing things. It was making her believe things, this pain she felt within her heart. Encouraging her to believe that he was okay but she couldn't trust it.

Harper listened intently waiting for another response or slight movement. In a matter of moments, Harper felt his arm lift with ease from the existing position upon her body. With hesitation at first she gently lifted her head to meet brown, coloured chestnut eyes that met her own in return.

"J-James?" She choked as she slowly sat up taking closer inspection. Mirroring her own movement he sat up gently, disguising the true pain that was lodged within in stomach then blurted as soon as he was sitting up, " now." Opening his arms as Harper fled into them and cried out, "James! Y-You're awake. Oh God, James..." James held her close within his embrace as he consoled her tears gently rubbing his hand against her back. Tears prickled in his own eyes as he stressed, "Don't...l-let me f-f**king hear you blame yourself again. Understand?"

Harper was who crying in the arch of his neck, nodded then enabled him to pull her closer. "I love you too much to have allowed that... I won't have you feeling guilty, baby. It was my choice." He said as he gently pulled her off to inspect her face.

"B-But it was supposed to be for me." She protested.

James shook his head brushing both thumbs against her cheeks to wipe away her misery as he uttered, "No, Harper." Then brought his forehead close to hers as he muttered, "I love you, Harper Daniels. You mean too much to me and...I promise I'm never going to betray or hurt you again."

Harper sniffled as she replied bringing both her hands to his face, "I love you. Don't scare me like that again." Without no need for warning, clashed her lips against his, demanding more of him as she wrapped both arms around his neck loosely: wearily to not apply pressure to his injury. Everything about it despite the situation they both were in clawed back to the pleasure, passion and the love they once shared. It sent her heart racing beyond she had ever experienced and massively appointed tears to mix within as they streamed down her cheeks. She just couldn't believe it, here they were sharing an embrace she had never expected to happen. Harper had nearly lost hope at one point believing he would never awake...but he did.

At the point of pulling apart seamlessly both breathless, James was first to break, smiling as he pulled her into his embrace once again entangling his hands through her hair as Harper gently sunk into him. He kissed the top of her head then confessed, "I-I thought I wouldn't make it...I'm sorry, baby, for scaring you." Harper pulled away from his embrace as she rested her hand on his cheek, "Just promise me you'll never do something brave but stupid like that again." She said.

"I can't promise that. I'd take another bullet just to save you." James objected grabbing her hand and lightly kissing her knuckles. Harper sighed shaking her head briefly before leaning in to kiss his cheek then uttered close to his ear, "Thank you." A single tear fleeing down her cheek.

"Anything for you, baby." James replied closing his eyes for a second then opening them as she pulled back. James couldn't believe that she was here, within his arms like where she should be. No words could sum up how he had missed this. Missed holding her, her lips against his and that radiating smile that could light up the city. Why did he hurt her? Never again...

Harper sat back shaking her head frantically as she brought her hands towards her mouth, "I-I just can't believe it, you're here. Awake. Alive." She blubbered, pressing her lips together to prevail her from crying again. James smiled, "I'm here and I'm not going anywhere." Harper sighed gently moving her hand towards his stomach, stopping mid-air, "Does it hurt?" She asked.

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