you cheat on him

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Do you love this shit? Are you high right now ? Do you ever get nervous? Are you single ?I heard you fucked ya girl is it true? You gettin money? You think them niggas you wit is wit you?

- Drake & Lil Wayne (Hyfr)


Prodigy : You were at home alone and Prod was out , again. Kock Knock Knoc. Was it Prod?


I opened the door and saw Randy. " What are you doing here?," I asked. " Y/n , are you home alone? Again?," he disreguarded my question. " Yea but - ," He cut me off ," Why do you let prod walk all iver you like this?," he asked " Ray he's not like -," this time I cut myself off. " Like who? Me? Cause I would blow off the boys any day for you. ," he got super close to me. ,"," he kissed me & I kissed him back. He didnt kiss me like Prod did. He actually cared. He grabbed my hand & pulled me upstairs. As soon as we hit the bed we couldnt get enough. We were taking our clothes off and touching eachother. Then he went in me.

Creeekkkk ( shit gets real)

" Y/N ! Were ya at babe!," I heard Prod downstairs and Roc rolled of me.

" I thought you said he was out!," he whisper - yelled. We were putting our clothes back on and Prod walked in.

Ray was in his boxers and t shirt & I was buttoning up my jeans. " WHAT IS THIS?!," He yelled .

" Roc. We need to talk. You don't care about me and Ray does.," I said.

" We are not doing this infront of my EX best friend," he emphasized the ex.

" Prod," Ray said ,"You lost her a long time ago...."



So im using Hyfr ( hell yea fuc*ing rite ) as the theme song! The others are coming soon!

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