Chapter Forty Nine

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"He's not leaving." Anora huffed with a shake of her head as she eyed the Portuguese Long-Snout dragon that was still lying around in the clearing. She had watched the dragon take interest in several of the females around the sanctuary including Norberta who was still far too young and far from being sexually mature to mate.

"I'm sure he's just trying to rest before making another long journey." Charlie reassured her.

"Yeah, I don't think those are his intentions." Anora said walking down to the clearing.

"And here we go ladies and gentlemen, Anora is about to pick a fight with yet another dragon."

"I'm not picking a fight, I just want to see if his wounds are healed enough so that he can get the idea that he needs to leave."

"What if he plans on staying?"

"From what I've seen with his interaction with the other dragons, I'm not sure if he'll be that welcomed. He really doesn't understand personal boundaries. He's also tried to start up several fights with a couple of the males who aren't even sexually mature yet. I think he's trying to establish himself and that's not going to end well."

"No, because if he ends up messing with Sultan...he's dead."

Sultan was an older Hungarian Horntail and one of the most if not the most dangerous dragon in the sanctuary. Fortunately, for all the workers, Sultan kept to himself hidden among the brush and the trees of the sanctuary, but anyone who had an encounter with the dragon knew that he was a mean soul. He had fathered a good amount of dragons that resided in the dragon and each offspring seemed to pick up on his viciousness. 

Roscoe had once made the mistake when he was much younger of stepping into Sultan's territory and was nearly killed until some of the elders including Nan had stopped the angry male. Although, Sultan made sure to leave his mark on some of the other dragons for getting in the way.

The new male was fortunate that he hadn't encountered Sultan yet but the more he began to terrorize the other males and females, it would only be a matter of time.

'Anora, leave the dragon alone." Charlie sighed as he watched her attempt to shoo the dragon away. The dragon snapped at her several times.

"I'm trying to save his life! He should be thanking me! Not trying to bite me!"

"I think he only sees it as you nagging him.'

"I am not a nagger!"

Charlie chuckled before walking over and picking Anora up off her feet and carrying her over her shoulder.

"Sorry 'bout that, mate." he said to the dragon. "She means well."

"Put me down!" Anora squirmed around wildly in his arms.

"No, stay still....Anora! That's it I'm going to drop you down this hill!"

During the middle of the night, the household was quiet as everyone was sound asleep. Anora and Charlie were cuddled into each other while Iggy had returned from his hunt an hour prior and was currently nestled up at the bottom of the bed.

Suddenly, a crack in the living room startled the three awake.

"What the bloody hell was that?" Anora said sitting up first.

"I don't know but-"

"Anora! Charlie!"

The two instantly recognized Nicola's panicked voice and shot out of bed.

"What's going on?" Charlie asked as he was the first one out of the bedroom.

"It's bad!" Nicola said, " we need all hands and wands out in the fields! Now!"

"What happened, Nicola?" Anora questioned as she slipped on her boots and let her pajama pants drape over them. Charlie did the same and left to grab a shirt.

"It's a total blood bath! Sultan...he's killed several dragons. Greg has ordered that he be put down. He's too dangerous."

" We can't put him down for that reason though." Anora said. "He's a dragon and he's doing what dragons's mating season and aggression levels are running high. We all know that. We all know what they are capable of especially during this time. Also, this isn't new behavior for Sultan."

Charlie returned pulling the shirt over his head. "Anora's right, we can't just interfere with the natural process. It's natural selection, survival of the fittest-"

"It's not up to either one of you to call the shots right now!" Nicola snapped. "Greg has ordered that the dragon be captured and put down by sunrise."

Charlie shook his head. "Nicola, listen to what you are saying, we all know that Sultan is dangerous, but he doesn't act out unless he's been bothered. The dragons who tempted him were more than likely other males, correct?"


"Correct?!" he reiterated wanting a straight answer from the woman.

"Correct." Nicola answered hotly.

"We can't punish him with death just because he's acting according to nature."

"His natural state is going to end up with someone in the sanctuary dying if we don't get a move on! Now grab your wands and lets go!" Nicola said before apparating from the living room.

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