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If Louis asleep isn’t the cutest sight Harry has ever seen, he doesn’t know what is. When he falls asleep alone, he curls himself up into a ball and makes himself look smaller than he originally is, also causing himself to look much younger than his 21 years. His hair falls softly across his forehead, dainty eyelashes brush against golden skin and thin, pale lips slightly part as puffs of breath leave them. But Harry’s favourite part, is the fact that Louis’ wearing his clothes, a jumper and sweatpants sizes too big for his tiny frame that makes Harry’s chest burst with love. 

Harry smiles when he leans down to peck Louis on the nose, Louis wrinkling it adorably in his sleep, “hey love," he whispers, brushing Louis’ cheekbone lovingly, “wake up."

Louis just retaliates with a grunt, turning over and burying himself further into the couch. Harry chuckles quietly, he doesn’t want Louis to wake up completely, it’s late and they have an early morning, but he doesn’t want to go to their bed alone. 

"It’s late, babe. C’mon, up you get," he whispers again, gently turning Louis onto his back and grasping his torso, carefully tucking his arms underneath the smaller man and lifting him into his arms. Louis just makes a surprised noise in the back of his throat and wraps his legs around Harry’s waist, arms circling Harry’s neck in the process as he lays his head on his shoulder. 

Harry places his hands under Louis’ bum for more leverage and begins to walk to their shared bedroom, shivering as he feels warm breath on the skin of his neck. 

Once he makes their way into the bedroom, he walks over to the bed and as carefully as he can, pulls the covers back and tries to lay Louis down and to his surprise, Louis just holds on tighter, clinging to him like a koala clings to a tree, “no, Harry. Harry warm," he whines, and Harry has to bite his lip to refrain from laughing, Louis sounds like a child, he finds it completely endearing. 

"I’m not going anywhere, sweetheart. Shh, just gonna lay you down." He tries to reason. He silently cheers in his mind when Louis releases his tight grip from his neck a few moments later, letting Harry put him to bed. 

Harry quickly shucks off his t-shirt and sweatpants, leaving himself in only his underwear as he gets into bed with Louis. His chest to Louis’ back as he draws the older boy to him closely, legs tangling together and hands gripping each other. Harry smiles when he feels Louis hold his hands to his chest, the affection for his boyfriend sending butterflies to the pit of his stomach. 

Harry then kisses the back of Louis’ neck and whispers, “I love you, babe." 

In response, Louis squeezes Harry’s hand and tucks both of theirs closer to his chest, and Harry knows, he loves him too.