Chapter 3

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I tried checking on Lissa through the bond while guarding Christian in his catering class, but she was blocking me out. First hour was almost over and Christain had a free period next hour and I knew he would want to go to the library and wait for Lissa. When walking to the library, I saw figures move in my peripheral vision and I immediately  pushed Christain behind me and told him to do everything I said. Sparky and I may not get along great, but he knows to listen to everything I tell him when there are Strigoi around even if the "Strigoi"  are guardians that are testing me. 

There were five Strigoi, but the only ones I noticed were Stan Alto and Celeste. I quickly dispatched two of the guardians almost immediately. Stan tried to grab Christain, but I spun around and kicked him in the groin before taking my practice stake and "killing" him. I then worked on taking out Celeste and this other guardian out which wasn't hard the entire fight only took about five minutes. After I had successfully "killed" all the guardians one of the newer ones had spoken first "Well Hathaway is it. I have never seen such a perfect performance from a novice." 

This was just asking for a Rose Hathaway quip " Yeah well if you knew me I'm not just a normal novice." I looked over to Stan 

"Isn't that right Guardian Alto" He looked like he wanted to kill me- well more than normal. "Don't use that tone with me, Hathaway," He stated with a blunt tone.

 "Oh and yeah I'm not a normal novice. I have been in the real world and no novice is ready for what's out there. And I wouldn't have been ready if it wasn't for Guardian Belikov." 

With that, I grabbed Christian's arm and left. I could hear the gasps from the new guardians when they saw the back of my neck. I now have nine molnija marks and three battle marks. Sparky and I made it to the library and saw Lissa sitting and waiting for us. I could tell she had news cause she was smiling and waving for us to come over. When we got there Christian kissed Lissa and I made a fake gagging noise along with Eddie. Lissa was still smiling but not talking so I spoke up 

"Liss, what is going on?" 

"Well, I decided I think we should stay." 

"Oh My God really I was so hoping you would decide to stay but I wanted you to do want you wanted." By this point, she had mine in her death grip of a hug. 

Through the bond, I could tell she was hiding something from me but she was so happy right now I decided to leave it alone for a while. We all talked and decided we would stay on a few conditions and after that, we all departed for the rest of the classes till lunch. I ended up "Killing" a total of about 30 guardians all day which wasn't hard but it kind of annoying by the end of it. Liss, Eddie, Adrian, Mase, Christain, Mia and I were walking back to my dorm when a whole fleet of Guardians jumped us I immediately told Mase and Eddie to protect the Morio and I'll take care of the Strigoi. They did what I told them. They knew I was in charge and did what I said. 

The fight flew by so fast and I could feel the darkness rising up in me every time I fight. I think that's why I'm so badass in fighting- well you know besides the pure raw talent that I was born with. Most of the fight I don't remember until the only Guardian left was non-other than Dimitri. Of course, he would be my final fight before the trails. 

This fight with Dimitri has been the most challenging one since the field experience has started. We knew each other's moves and we knew what the other would do a millisecond by for the other did it. We circled each other both trying to catch the other by surprise. That's when I saw an opening and took it without a second thought before I knew what was happening I was on top of him straddling his waist and staking him with my practice stake and declaring him officially "dead." 

I didn't realize the fight was over until I felt a pair of hand on me and pull me up. When I was up on my feet and Dimitri spoke first. "Notice anybody Rose. Funny how just a couple of months ago you had no chance of taking all thirteen of us down when we brought you back to St. Vladimir's and now you took all of us down single-handedly I'm proud of you Rose." "Rose I'm so proud of you." that was Alberta that spoke next. What she did next surprised the hell out of me- she hugged me she actually hugged me "Rose why don't you go clean up and get ready for trails tomorrow you can have the rest of the day off. Oh and you can let the Headmistress and me of your decision tomorrow morning," she said after she realised me for the hug. I looked down at my clothes and saw how dirty they were; I really needed a shower. I told thank you that I would let them know tomorrow and left to change my clothing.

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