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7:43pm [Unknown] hey it's Camila, Dinah gave me your number, are you going to the party next week??

7:49pm [Lauren] Sorry I think you have the wrong #

7:50pm [Unknown] Shit I'm sorry my dumb ass friend gave me the wrong number

7:51pm [Lauren] haha it's fine

7:55pm [unknown] is it ok if I text you bc my friends are being annoying

7:56pm [Lauren] maybe if you tell me your name first

7:57pm [unknown] I did. I literally said my name in the first text I sent

7:57pm [Lauren] Ohh haha whoops I didn't realize, pretty name btw, Camila

7:59pm [Camila] Thanks, I would say the same for you expect I don't know your name

8:00pm [Lauren] how do I know your not some creep

8:01pm [Camila] I'm an innocent 19 year old girl

8:01pm [Camila] well not that innocent but you know what I mean

8:02pm [Lauren] My name is Lauren

8:02pm [Camila] Oh how old are you??

8:04pm [Lauren] I just turned 20

8:04pm [Camila] cool, gtg I'll text you tomorrow or something

8:05pm [Lauren] ok bye Camz

8:05pm [Camila] Camz?

8:06pm [Lauren] ya that's your new nickname

8:07pm [Camila] oh cool normally people call me Mila but I like that more

8:07pm [Camila] gn Lauren

8:08pm [Lauren] good night Camz

8:14 [Lauren] can you send me a picture of you so I know what you look like??

I unpublished this story for a while so I could fix stuff and add stuff so if you read it before you should probably re read because I have changed some stuff like there age and stuff like that<3

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