{Christmas Week} Day 6: Family

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*Timeskip to te next morning, Christmas Eve*

Rogue's POV

Me and Frosch were in the kitchen cooking while Kagura was in my room, wrapping her presents.

"I wonder what Kagura got for us..." Frosch waddled to get more ingredients.
"I wonder too. But we get to open them tomorrow." I smiled and took the ingredients that Frosch gave me and poured them into the pan.

The house was dimly lit. Only lit up by a few ceiling lights in the kitchen and the rest was lit up by the bright Christmas lights that Kagura and Frosch bought yesterday.

A few more minutes passed and Kagura finally came downstairs into the kitchen. "What are you cooking?" She walked up to me and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and patted Frosch on the head.
"Just the traditional breakfast. Just a bit fancier I guess..." I shrugged. "Miso soup, steamed rice, tamagoyaki, natto, nori, grilled fish, and tsukemono."
"Well you're quite the cook." She smiled and stood beside me.
"I worked in a restaurant for a little while before joining Sabertooth."

I finally finished cooking and set the dishes out on the table.

We all smiled and sat down and put our hands together, "Thank you for the food." Kagura smiled and gave a slight bow. She usually didn't act like this, but I wasn't complaining.

"Let's eat!" Frosch have a large grin and took a large bite out of his grilled fish.

Kagura took her first bite and her face lit up. "I never knew you were such a good cook."
"I told you, I worked in a restaurant."

"Rogue-kun, Kagura... When are you getting married?" Frosch said innocently.
"U-Uhm..." Kagura stuttered, "Ask Rogue."
Now it was my turn to freeze up. "S-Soon..." I blushed. I had a plan in mind, but I wasn't too sure if it would be the right time or not.

"Soon, huh?" Kagura smirked and stuffed her face full of food again.
"Good. Because Fro want Rogue-kun and Kagura to be happy together. Fro wants to see them always together." He grinned at the both of us.
"I won't make you wait too long, Frosch." I put my utencils down and rubbed his head.

Kagura laughed a little and Frosch continued to smile.

We finished off our food and went into the living room. I turned on the fireplace and shut off the lights in the kitchen and joined Kagura and Frosch on the couch.

Frosch was cuddled up in Kagura's arms and when I joined them, she snuggled up against me. I wrapped my arms around the two and we sat there, all snuggled up by the fire.

"It's warm." Kagura shut her eyes.
"Fro thinks so too!"

"You know..." I shut my eyes aswell and kisses Kagura's forehead. "You two are the best things I could ever had for Christmas. I wouldn't ask for more."
"You're too sweet." Kagura poked my nose.
"I know," I said smugly, pretending to act cocky, "That's why you love me."
Kagura sighed playfully, "Well of course."
Just then, Frosch decided to jump in, "Fro loves you both too! Fro thinks that Kagura and Rogue-kun are perfect for eachother. Fro thinks Kagura deserves Rogue-kun." Frosch's eyes gleamed at us.
"Frosch..." Kagura opened her eyes and looked down at him, "I don't think I deserve Rogue, but I'm not complaining. Honestly I'm glad that he chose me out of all the people out there."
"Kagura, it's more like I don't deserve you." I kissed her forehead again, opening my eyes aswell.
"You deserve eachother!" Frosch jumped in.

Kagura and I both laughed. "I guess Frosch is right." Kagura shrugged, a bright smiled plastered on her face.
"Fro thinks so too!"

I looked at the two gently. "I love you both."
"I think we all know how much we love eachother." Kagura replied.
"Fro thinks so too!" Frosch said happily.

What more could I ask for? I thought I already had enough. I have amazing friends... I have an amazing companion who's been here ever since the beginning.
I thought that was enough until Kagura came in.
As cheesy as it sounds, she was the light in my darkness. She was something that I've never had before.

Honestly, I never thought I could ever fall in love. I thought I couldn't be any happier.

But she came into my life and made it better.

"I have to return the favour..." I whispered.
"What was that, Rogue?" Kagura asked, her voice low and quiet.
"It's nothing." I smiled at her.
"Okay... But Rogue..." She began to shut her eyes, "Whenever you propose, don't make it too stressing for yourself. I think we both know that I could never reject you. I could never say no." And she began to drift off.

This girl... God, I love her so much.

I kissed her cheek gently and rubbed Frosch's head softly before shutting my own eyes.

I hope this happiness last forever.

Author's note: Again, no editing was done and once again, sorry for such a short chapter! Like I said, I've been really busy because I need to take care of a lot of things and wrap things too.

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