chapter 4

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Erza pov:

I look over at lucy staring at me eating cake. Honestly it's kinda creepy, but she does look cute.


No i dont think she's cute. I mean she is but. I like jellal. He is the only one for me.

"He's the one for me!"

"Who are you talking to Erza?"

My face is now as red as a used tampon.(sorry im just really weird). Out of all the times i talk out loud i did it next to lucy.

"oh its nobody.....really. ha.ha"

"oh.ok then."

When i looked back to the counter i see Mira smirking. should i be concerned or........ ok why is she still smirking.

"mira are you ok?"

suddenly i get pushed into a dark room with a bed? wtf?

" Hey Mira what are you doing. let me out. this isnt funny." no response.

"seriously Mira if you dont open this door i will break it down and you know how master will act."

Mira's POV:

"Levy i need you to help me get lucy and erza together." i told Levy

"oh my god. that would be perfect. they would be so cute together. what should i do?"

i whispered into her ear then giggled evily.

Lucy's POV:

i felt myself get pulled into a room.what is happening.

"hello? is there anybody there?" i ask
"Lucy is that you?" a voice asked. It sounded like Erza's
"Yeah is that you Erza?"
"Yeah. I think mira pushed me in here"

After a few minuets of awkward silence i spoke.
"You do realize we could leave this room right. We're wizards, you could probably break the door down."

"Well i could, but lets just play along with Mira. Plus its really peaceful and quiet here." Erza said as she breathed in deeply
She's so breathtakingly beautiful.(no puns intended) i wish i could make her mine. The wat she's so calm

"Hey Lucy?"
"Y-yes Erza?" dammit why am i stuttering. Great Lucy you sound like an idiot.
"I kinda wanted to tell you something. And since its just us too why not tell you now."
My breathing became slow and my heart beated fast. Is she confessing her feelings for me?
"Lucy i dont know why, but when i look at you i feel like i could fly. I think i like you."
Erza i love you too
AN: DUN DUN DUNNNNNN. Sorry you guys i had to leave on a cliff hanger. What do you think will happen. Well just wait until the next update.bye


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