Chapter 7 | Identity Crisis

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Heheh Hey guys! Here another update ;) Im going to confess..., yeah I've been withholding this chapter cause Well, I'm not sure if I like it or not, which is nothing unusual... LOL... But I forced myself to push 'publish' so you wouldnt have to wait any longer.

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Keeping her face casted down towards the window speckled with droplets of rain, Emma tries to conceal her face while she sits on the very last row at the back of the crowded bus.

Adding a navy blue baseball cap to her apparel that she swiped from a unsuspecting teenager at the bus station, and her Black geeky glasses that secretly - she loves wearing- To her temporary look in hopes of a make shift disguise.

The brakes hiss and the passengers lurch forward from their seats as the bus comes to a abrupt stop near the town center.

All alone Emma strides acrossed the dark evening parking lot, Her heels clicking against the pavement blackened by the night sky above.
Shes rubbing her hands together to fend off the biting cold before quickly balling her freezing hands up, and shoving them into her coat pockets... huddling herself.

As the stiffening cold wind picks up and whips through her system, she can feel her sides immediately tense. Her insides practically begging to shut down from the deathly blow.
From under the brim of her newly found hat she looks on, anything to distract her while she walks faster to the heated store. She watches as busy 'stay at home' moms lovingly strap and buckle their kids into their carseats after a full day of shopping.

An empty void strikes a chord within her.

She never had that. The sad truth is she was robbed of her childhood... And That's something she might not ever get over. Even Through her fit of shivers the memory still made her cringe.

Just To have someone care, to willingly love you. Someone to tuck you in and look over you. A protection from this horrible world. It's all I crave.

Walking casually past the security and into Ross, she wanders over to the clothing section and starts looking in the Junior Smalls.
All the tops are stylish and decently priced, the materials soft to the touch as she skims her fingers over the hangers searching for something that calls to her, but won't draw too much attention at the same time.

She's never really been the shopping type, but then again she hardly ever has honestly bought something;  Normally its just swipe & run.


30 minutes later she's held up in the fitting rooms with a small mountain of clothes; lets face it... Its like a mine field of clothing scattered around the stall, as she shimmies with ease into some dark denim skinny jeans.

They look promising. Hugging her curves in all the right places and their comfy, bad thing is now she doesn't want to crawl out of them and back into the exposed cold air. With a defeated sigh she puts her hands on her hips, checking herself out in the dressing room mirror.

After figuring out 4 tee shirts, 2 warm sweaters, a pair of boots and lastly that pair of jeans are all going to work, She thinks she's just about finished.

Walking out of the fitting rooms with an armful of keepers, Shes headed up to the register when she finds herself eyeing the men's section.

I wonder if Killian is getting new clothes here too ...

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