Part 84 - The end?

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There he was... The man Aaron and I had been searching for... He was here. Right in front of me. He looked worn down, broken almost, though I could still see that glimmer of strength he always had. His shirt was ghastly, covered in substances I didn't care to think of, he looked like he had been through the wars, they all did. I glanced across the room briefly to see my family, though they seemed different, they were still familiar faces that I came to love so much. My eyes darted back to Rick. "Jess?" His voice rang through me like a current of electricity, making me shiver. "Is that really you?" He continued, taking a step towards me. He placed his hand upon his waist as he always did. A tear slipped slowly down my cheek as he called my name, he was here to protect me and to protect his son... That's right. His son! My thoughts were disrupted as Damien was taken from my arms by Deanna, she smiled that warm smile she gave everyone. "Got to him" she whispered.

"Yes, Baby it's me" I whimpered as I took a step towards him. "Oh my god" Rick broke, before lunging towards me, pulling me into an embrace. "Oh baby I never thought I'd see you again" he whined, cupping my face between his rough, slender fingers. "We spent ages looking for you" I replied. Rick pulled away, he looked down towards my stomach and placed his hand where Damien once was. Then Damien began cooing and sucking on his fingers whilst Deanna began to bounce him on her hip. "I want you to meet your son Rick" I smiled through tears of joy. His face lit up like a child on Christmas as he glanced towards Damien, he wiped away tears. "I'd like you to meet Damien, we've missed you" I stated. Rick approached Deanna, scooped his son in his arms and nuzzled him. He held him close to his chest while Damien stared up at his father and giggled. We were reunited again. We were a family once more, now in this sanctuary we can call home and spend our lives together as fate intended.

Sorry this is another short one just to round off the year, I'm thinking that this is the last chapter of Jess' story but I'm not sure yet, please comment on this chapter if you want me to keep going so I can get my but in gear and deliver longer and better chapters than before! Please let me know! And remember that I love you and and have a fantastic Christmas, see you in the new year! Mwah oxoxoxox

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