twenty-four//tao soonhoon

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twenty-four//tao soonhoon
[June 22, 2017
12:00 pm]

Now Tao SoonHoon was everything Hunter expected from a member of Seventeen. The man held a aura around him that demanded respect but also pulled you closer.

Hunter watched as he pulled his Suburban into the driveway. The Korean man immediately searched until his eyes landed on Ji who stood beside Hunter.

"My boss sends his regards about your husband." Tao stated.

Hunter nodded, "Now, I believe we have some planning to do." Hunter cut off when his private phone started ringing. Glancing towards Issak, "You handle this. I'll catch up when I handle this."


Hunter watched the three walk inside before pulling his phone out. He didn't check the number because only three people have his private number.


"The new inmate-"

"Phone call Lombardi!" An officer shouted earning the attention of all the men. Zheng didn't move for a moment just simply staring at the guard.

"It's probably Hunter." Garion whispered earning Zheng's attention quick. The man stood up quickly but didn't allow the excitement to show.

Walking past the twins directly to the guards who were standing in the corner. One of the guard grunted, catching Zheng attention leading the man out the cafeteria. He noted that three guards immediately fell into step behind him like an shadow.

Zheng turned multiple corners before he was brought to an payphone. The guard before him waved off the other men who disappeared back where the other inmates where.

Zheng watched the guard check to make sure they were gone before he bowed slightly to Zheng.

"Perdonatemi signore. Ecco un telefono privato." (Forgive me sir. Here's an private phone.)

The guard whispered as he pulled an phone from his pocket handing it to Zheng. Walking right past him, Zheng moved to lean against a wall while the guard took a defensive stance. His eyes glued straight ahead to make sure no idea came around the corner.

Zheng smirked as he immediately dialed the one phone he had tattoo in his head.

"You've been a busy person." Zheng whispered into the phone which sent shivers down Hunter's spine.

Hunter immediately straighten up as a smile forced it's way on his lips.

"Never to busy for you." Hunter whispered. He didn't dare talk longer, he didn't want to break the moment. The phone went silent for a few seconds as they both just enjoyed hearing other breath.

"I need to apologize." Zheng stated breaking the silence.

Hunter shook his head, "Never-"

"Stop. I do. I dragged you into this mess all those years ago and for that I apologize. I should have protected you and Leo more from this lifestyle. I've heard how the press have been hounding you and the restaurants closing. If your anger I deserve it."

"I have no anger for you." Hunter stated with a laugh. He smiled as he leaned against front door, "Do you not know how much I love you? You're my everything, after Leo of course but still you're my soul. Nothing that ever happens will ever make me angry at you.

We're in this together. I knew what I was asking for while being with you such as you know what you're asking for by being with me. I knew the dangers of this life and I still took it. Beside the restaurants were just for fun anyway and the press are dicks."

Zheng didn't answer for an minute but Hunter knew the silence was because of Zheng's gratitude.  Hunter heard Zheng speaking to someone probably beside him before the older man sighed.

"Baby boy, I only have a minute left. Tell me something that will last me until I see you again."

"Tell my cousins code 42."

"30 seconds." Zheng whispered.

"I'm coming for you." Hunter whispered as the phone suddenly disconnected.

Zheng smirked at the last words closing the phone handing it back to the guard.

The guard threw it onto the ground crushing it before gathering the remains of the phone tucking it into his uniform.

Following the guard Zheng kept his face blank as he reentered the cafeteria ignoring the stares. Sliding into seat before the twins ignoring the red standing beside them.

"How was the phone call?" Ranier asked with a knowing smile.

"Good. Hunter had a message for you two. Code 42."

Garion and Ranier Moreau immediately straighten up to their full height. Those brown eyes darken to almost black with wicked smiles on they're faces.

Glancing upwards Ranier checked for surveillance cameras; finding none in their general area. Garion chuckled as he turned towards Ranier smiling brightly at his twin. His face was excited like a kid on Christmas day. His hands was clenching and unclenching quickly as he started to bounce on his heels.

Ranier ignored his twin in favor of turning towards Zheng who was watching the exchange. "I hope you don't hold grudges."

Zheng raised his eyebrow but Ranier was already focused on Garion. Leaning over he pressed a kiss to his brother's lips, "Nearest inmate and keep it clean."

"About fucking time!" Garion growled out loud causing some of the inmates to turn towards him. Rushing forward he sent his knee into the nearest inmates' face making the man fall to the ground. Blood covered his knee as he lifted his foot slamming it down hard onto the inmate's chest.

A cracking sound filled the air as the inmate cried out. The guards began rushing towards the sound hearing the sound and watching how quickly the inmates surrounded. As the guards began to break through the crowd Ranier grabbed Zheng's wrist shoving him onto the passed out inmate and yanking Garion back against his chest.

The guards tore through at the exact moment finding Zheng leaning over the fallen inmate. Zheng snapped his head towards the twins who were already backing away. Opening his mouth only an grunt of pain cause out as electricity shot through Zheng's body.

Sorry for being gone for so long. College has been kicking my ass but I've not leaving this story unfinished. Enjoy the new update.

 Enjoy the new update

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