Mitch Marner (Toronto Maple Leafs)

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Mitch's POV

"Mitchell!!" I heard my girlfriend, Y/N, tell to me from upstairs in our room. She currently had a fever, and after a long hour of arguing, she finally agreed to let me take care of her. One of my teammates had gotten her sick, so I felt bad and wanted to take care of her. "Ya baby?" I yelled back up. "Can you get me some soup? And a bottle of wa-" her words were cut off with a coughing attack. I knew what she meant, so I went downstairs and made her a bowl of soup. About 10 minutes later, I walked upstairs with the soup and the water and saw that my girlfriend wasn't in bed. "Y/N?" I asked, wondering where she was. I walked into the bathroom and saw her bent down by the toilet, throwing up whatever she had in her stomach into the toilet. I knew it wasn't very much because she hadn't eaten since 11 o'clock this morning, and it was 8. I pulled her hair back and rubbed her back as she finished throwing up. I grabbed a wet rag and started wiping her mouth gently. I traced shapes and patterns on her hip as I wiped away what she had on her mouth. She just looked at the ground the whole time. Y/N is very independent, and she always feels bad when people have to take care of her because she feels like a "burden." Just then, I saw a tear slide down her face, and all of the sudden, her E/C eyes filled up with tears. "No, no, no, what's wrong baby girl." I cooed at her and pulled her onto my lap. I ran my fingers through her long, H/C hair and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. "I hate being sick. I feel so helpless. I feel stupid, because I couldn't keep myself healthy. I had one job, Mitch. I'm supposed to keep myself healthy and I can't do that." she huffed out and sank her head down. "You listen to me, okay? You are not helpless. You are not stupid either, okay? You didn't get yourself sick, my teammate did! I'm sorry I made you come to my game that day and I'm sorry he got you sick." I told her and she looked up at me. "No Mitchie, don't ever think about apologizing for me coming to your games. It was my choice to come to your game. This isn't your fault, okay? It's just what happens. I got sick, I didn't get pregnant. Please don't ever think it's your fault, okay?" she whispered to me and kissed me on the cheek. "It's not your fault either, okay?" she nodded at me. "I love you, so so much." I told her. "I love you too." she smiled at me. I picked her up and carried her to our room. I set her down on the bed and searched through our movies. "The interview?" I asked her and she nodded vigorously with a smile on her face. I chuckled and opened the case and put it in the Xbox. I climbed into bed and pulled the blankets over us, covers up to our chins. She laid her head on my chest and placed a soft kiss on my collarbone as I ran my fingers through her hair. We've seen this movie so many times we could probably quote it word for word. Her eyes slowly flickered shut as I traced my finger in circles on her hip. A funny part came on and I chuckled, my chest shaking, waking Y/N up. "I'm sorry baby. Did I wake you?" I asked gently. "No. Well yes, but it's okay. We don't get a lot of time together and I should have stayed awake." She said looking down at the ground, clearly disappointed in herself. "Hey, it's not your fault we don't get to see each other as often as we'd like to. I'm the one playing hockey. It's my choice and I feel bad I can't always be there for you but just know even if I'm on a road trip or at an away game, you can always call me, okay? I'm only one call away, baby girl." I told her giving a reference to our song, One Call Away by Charlie Puth. "I'll be there to save the day." she sang back to me. "Superman got nothing, on me." I sang to her. "I'm only one, call away." we sang together and I placed a soft kiss on her lips. "I love you, baby girl." I told her. "I love you too, Mitchie." she smiled at me and I placed a kiss on her forehead. I ran my fingers through her hair as she started to drift off to sleep. "No matter where you go, know you're not alone I'm only one, call away." I whispered to her as she drifted off to sleep with a smile on her face.

This is my first one!!! I hope you guys like it! Requests are open :)

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