Chapter 2 The Concert & Presents

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*Chapter 2 The Concert & Presents

*December 19, 2015 6:00 A.M Alison P.O.V*

I slowly got out of bed careful not to wake Em up. I grabbed black bra, panties, black tank top, black skirt, a paisley lace peplum top and White Michael Antonio Kafi pumps. I walked to the bathroom. I took a shower and washed my hair. I turned the water off and put my robe on. I blow dried my hair and put on my undergarments. I put on some foundation and mascara. I put on my skirt and top. I put my old clothes in the hamper. I grabbed my pumps and walked downstairs. I put my pumps on the bottom of the stairs. I walked to the kitchen. I poured 4 cups of coffee and put lids on them. The boys walked in. I handed them their coffee.

"Okay let's go," I muttered.

I took a sip of my coffee. I wrote a note on the fridge saying We are going out for a while. Pick out an outfit for me and leave it out. I'll meet you at the concert. I grabbed my coffee and turned the lights off. I put on my pumps and walked out. I closed the door behind me. Alex and Dylan were sitting in the back seat of the Silver Porsche. I sat down in the passenger seat. Spencer pulled out and started driving downtown.

"Did you leave a note," He asked.

"Yes I did. I said Not to worry we're all going out for a bit and that we would meet them at the concert, but just leave the outfits out," I spoke softly.

"Okay good. Now what kind of bridesmaid dresses are we looking for," Alex asked.

"Something Flowy, Pretty, and gorgeous," I smiled.

"That Narrows it down not," Dylan said sarcastically.

"We'll know it when we see it," I said.

"Did you get the dress sizes at least," Alex asked.

"Yes I did. I told spencer to write it down. He wrote it down in his phone," I said. I unlocked his phone.

"4 of the girls are size 10. Also 3 of the girls are Size 8. Emily is one of the size 8 girls," I answered.

"At least we know the sizes," Dylan sighed.

"What color," Alex asked.

"Emily said if Spencer did not choose baby pink bridesmaids dresses then she will hurt him," I sighed nervously.

"Baby Pink it is," Dylan laughed. Spencer parked the car. We were at a huge boutique. We got out and walked inside. A nice old lady welcomed us.

"Hi I'm Martha. How can I help you," She smiled. I smiled.

"Could Show us Some Light pink Bridesmaids dresses," I asked.

"Sure we have a whole section on the color," She smiled. She walked to the pink section.

"If you need help just ask. The dresses are in sizes,"She smiled and left. We start looking.

*6:00 P.M*

"Just pick a type of dress already," Spencer groaned. I smacked him. He playfully glared at me. I walked around a bit. I smiled at the Empire One Shoulder Floor-length Chiffon Light Pink Dress.

"This one," I smiled. We grabbed 4 Size 10 dresses and 3 size 8 dresses. We laid them on the counter. Martha Checked them out and put them all in 1 box. I took spencer's phone and called Emily.

"Hey Em. Remember to Tell all the bridesmaids to bring light pink pumps for their dresses," I said.

"Okay. Well I'm at the school. The concert started at 4. Spencer goes on at 8:40. So have him here before then. Madison is singing right now and let's just say her voice is like a squealing dog," She laughed. I chuckled.

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