Chapter One

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Chapter One

Marcus James Reynolds

Marc looked around the hall with a bored expression, his legs resting on the table in front of him. It was the Annual NYC Dance, where students who just graduated from senior year of high school came to party it off last time before heading off to colleges. Students were here from various high schools around the city.

He was glad that high school was finally over and he was heading off to London to attend business school. There no one would know him as Marcus James Reynolds, the son of multi-billionaire Ralph Alexander Reynolds. People would know him for himself and not his money unlike here in New York City where his whole life he only attracted friends because he was rich and convenient. William Knight was his only true and best friend but in grade 11 he shifted to Australia after his parents divorced but they were still in good contact.

He was suddenly snapped out of his thoughts when he noticed a beauty in a midnight blue dress taking over the dance floor with her moves. He couldn't take his eyes of her. She was tall with never ending legs and a long mane of wavy brown hair reaching past her waist. Her complexion was dusky. Her eyes were closed as she swayed to the music unaware of the lustful eyes guys around her were giving her. For some reason that vexed Marc. He pushed his way through the crowd towards her.

When he reached her he saw another guy advancing towards her. He ran the last few steps and embraced her from behind and glared at the other guy. The other guy raised his hands in surrender and went the other way.

The girl suddenly aware of his hands turned around with wide eyes. She was even more breathtaking up this close. Her eyes were an enticing chocolate brown.

"Hey let go of me!" she said. She squirmed in his grasp. Her breath smelled of whiskey. It was a common thing for kids to bring in alcohol to the dance.

"Come on let's go and sit. You are too drunk", Marc said.

"Who are you and what do you want from me? You are not my father so back off!" she said vehemently.

Marc growled at her response. Here he was trying to save her from the guys who wanted to grope her and she was being bitchy with him.

He grabbed her arm and dragged her off the dance floor towards the back off the hall knowing exactly where he was going. After all it was his father's of his father's many hotels.

"Hey you stop that okay? Let go of me!!!" she slurred. The alcohol was catching up with her speech

Marc pressed the elevator button and sent her a glare. She immediately went silent.

"God she's beautiful" he thought and felt himself stir with desire.

Marc was completely sober. He was not the type who preferred drinking.

"I need to pee!" she said as the elevator opened and they both went inside.

"Just hold on a second. There are restrooms upstairs." Marc said

She was now leaning against him and he could feel her soft curves molding against his hard body.

The elevator stopped on the last floor and he lifted her bridal and carried her towards the penthouse.

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