Chapter 1 I'm engaged?!

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*Chapter 1 I'm engaged Alison's P.O.V*

"Okay class You heard the assignment. Each one of you will sing a song at the Moonlight Concert. I expect each of you to sing a pop song that makes you shine in your own way. I have high expectation from all of you," Mr. Vega said.

"Yes sir," Everyone said.

"Ms. Walker. Every year you are back stage Managing all the special effects, But every day during your free time. Your in the auditorium singing a song. Your voice is amazing. So I'm transferring you from the Special Effects crew. Your going to be one of our singers. Braxton your in the special effects crew. Ms.Walker your going last and I expect high things from you. Leo and his band will back you up. Understood," Mr.Vega.

"Yes Sir," I said.

"HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS BREAK," He shouted happily. The bell rang we all got up and walked out. I headed to Calculus . Music and Dance are required class here.

"Hey Nerd," a voice boomed through the hall. I turned and found Madison. She was walking towards me with her posse. She slammed my books everywhere and kicked me into the wall.

"Listen here. If you try to out shine me at the concert. I will destroy you. By the way. You might wanna have your face checked and fixed cause that face won't last a minute in the spotlight. Your just too ugly. I mean look at you. Who would even date you? Your fat, ugly, and a mistake. You should just jump off a building and die," She sneered. She started beating me.

"It's your fault. He broke up with me cause of you. You took him from me. I HATE YOU. EVERYONE HATES YOU. GO DIE IN HELL ALREADY WILL YOU," Madison shouted.

"THAT'S ENOUGH. MADISON MY OFFICE NOW," Mr. Heather boomed. Madison kicked me one last time and walked towards Mr.Heather.

"Alison Go to your class," He said. I nodded. I grabbed my stuff and walked to my class. I looked in the hallway mirror. I had horrible bruises. I walked in and sat down next to Emily in the front.

"Okay Since it's friday. I'm going to go easy on you. Today is a free day. You can prepare for the Moonlight Concert or just sit and talk. Keep the noise level down. Also HAVE AN GREAT CHRISTMAS BREAK," Mrs. Shopp said. Emily looked at me with a smile. Her smiled turned into a frown and her eyes into slits.

"Where is she?" Emily asked.

"Em it's-" I tired.

"WHERE IS SHE" Emily shouted.
"Principal's office," I said softly. Emily got up and walked to the door.

"Hey Mrs. Shopp. I'll be right back. I need to go kick someone's ass," She said angrily. She stormed off. I got my laptop out. I finished the 10 english essay assignments for the next two weeks and I turned them in.

"Hey Alison. Wanna stay after school and work on your song," Leo asked.

"Yea sure. I'll get some lyrics and songs written down. Then we can choose a song and practice it," I said.

"Okay cool," he said and left. I wrote down a couple songs. Then I printed a mash up of 6 pop songs. The songs were Perfect by 1D, Uncover by Zara Larsson, Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift, Beggin on our knees by Victoria Justice, Black Widow by Iggy Azalea, and One Last Time by Ariana Grande. I got up and handed the songs to Leo.

"Here you go. Any of these songs will work. You can discuss it with your band," I said. He nodded. I sat back in my seat. Emily came in smiling.

"What happened," I asked. She walked back out and Mr.Heather walked in. Emily had Madison by the collar. She kicked Madison on the ground.

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