Chapter Thirty ~ I Will Try To Fix You

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*Wynter's POV*

"Get up, get up, get up" I yelled to the girls as I walked in the door. l'd just gotten back from my lunch with Zayn and we had this whole thing planned out. We needed a way to get Scarlet dressed up and out of the house without knowing what we were getting her into, so I'd done the obvious thing anyone would do: I decided on acting like I'd made reservations at a fancy restaurant. "We need to get our minds off some things and have fun, so get your asses up before I go to plan B."

Aqua looked at me from her seat next to Scarlet on the couch. "What's plan B?"

I smiled and said, "It involves staining all of your clothes and flushing your make up down the toilet."

"I'm up!" she yelled and jumped up, causing Hazel to fall on the floor I laughed, but helped her up and she shot a glare at Aqua who was still sitting down.

"Please get up, Scarlet?" I asked "We only have two hours to get ready."

"Where are we going that involves two hours of getting ready?"

"Out to a nice restaurant I know you like to dress up so just go get ready." I told her. He face brightened up slightly and she stood up, rushing up to her room. As soon as she was gone I turned to the other two. "Okay, I lied. We aren't going out to eat, it was an excuse to get her dressed up and out of the house."

"Then why didn't you just say we're going on a walk or something?" Aqua asked.

"Because she's meeting up with Harry." I said and explained the whole thing about Harry not actually kissing that fan. "So we all need to get dressed or else she's gonna get suspicious, got it?" I finished. They nodded and we all followed Scarlet upstairs to get ready, Of course sharing each others clothes.

*Harry's POV*

"Harry, get up" Zayn yelled through my bedroom door. I didn't answer, just sat there thinking about Scarlet. She thought I played with her heart. You did, didn't you? I didn't mean to, though! You still did. I really wanted to kill that voice in my head. "Harry, if you don't get up now, then you're blowing your chance for good. So try to be smart and get. Up."

Interest peaked. I said, "Chance for what?"

"To be with Scarlet. If you actually open the damn door, I could explain!" I jumped out of bed and all but ran to the door, throwmg it open. Zayn looked quite pleased and pushed past me. "You don't have much time, but Wynter and I talked and we're tricking Scarlet into meeting you.  You need to think of a romantic date and think dressed nicely within two hours. If you need help, all of us will be downstairs. You have no say in this because this is your only shot" I was struggling to pay attention to what he was saying, because the only thing running through my head was the fact that I'd gel to see Scarlet and make it up to her. She'd forgive me and understand everything if I didn't screw it up. Without replying to Zayn, I ran into my bathroom and began to take a shower, thinking of what kind of date this should be.

I hadn't completely lost my chance.

*2 hours and 10 minutes later*

*Scarlet's POV*

(Outfits above)

  We'd been in the car for about ten minutes, and I had no idea where we were going. I saw Wynter glance at her phone and she smiled, but it looked like she was trying to hide it. Probably texting Zaym I swear, they would be the cutest couple ever. But she didn't want to date since her dad had made her feel like all guys were going to hurt her; then again, she was comfortable around Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn. She even hugged Zayn and stuff. I just hope that if she ever gets over her fear of being in a relationship that she ends up with Zayn. "Where are we going?" I asked.

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