Chapter 6 | Wounded Heart

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Darkness surrounding him as he lays face down on the cold hard pavement.

Sirens and Horns begin to penetrate the smog filled air. Absolute Confusion floods into his mind-

Where the bloody hell am I?

His eyes are blood shot from that moment on, because that's when he recalled the fresh wound that would forever haunt and torment his shattered soul. 

Falling into the wrong crowd is all it takes. Before he knew it, taking lives became a thrill.
Then an Addiction.

Time flies pulling him back to reality like a mad hatter rewinding his hand watch.
As soon as Emma finishes wrapping his wound the best she can with what she's got, she pats him on the arm as lightly as she can.

Hours later Emma finds herself laying on the bed sprawled out on top of the covers. The dull noise of International House hunters playing in the background.
Her mind wandering off to the mysterious stranger she's sharing a room with.

Glancing at him, she casually lets her eyes shift over.

His black hair disheveled as he watches whatever she puts on the TV. Either he's really into the selling market in Europe, or he's Completely consumed in his thoughts... Again.

She tries to look away, But he makes it so hard. Questions she's dying to ask swim around in her head.
But she doesn't dare to actually voice them.

He ends up breaking her intense thoughts with his own question.
"Do you ever wonder of what else is really out there, lass?" Emma just assumes he's referring to traveling and different cultures around the world.

"Sometimes. But I'm usually too preoccupied with trying to stay alive, so not Alot of time to dream about my next vacation to a Hawaiian five star resort." She shrugs, holding her head up on her propped fist

He chuckles under his breath. Fighting with himself, and the minutes go by.
"You don't, happen to believe in other worlds, or I don't know - 'realms'? Do you. I mean I know it's crazy though, Right?" He asks skeptically with a small unmistakable amount of hope lacing his words.

She laughs "of course not! And thankfully for you, I'm also up to date with the fact that pigs don't fly and that the moon isn't Hollow."

Killian lets out a long sigh "Well love..."  He jumps up, or as best as he can... And grabs his jacket. "We better get started."

"With what?" Emma Gives him that look. The 'you really expect me to get out of this bed?' Look.

"We've got to get a move on with our new 'looks'." He remarked like its the most obvious thing in the world "Course, I'm not too concerned. I'll look devilishly handsome in just about anything..."

"Wanna bet?"

"No Swan. It's already been tested and proven, you'd only be wasting money we both know you don't have lass."

She pouts. Sticking her bottom lip out like a two year old. He just rolls his eyes at her childish response before reaching into his back pocket.

"Now" he says pulling out a wad of cash from his wallet and holding it out to her. "This is to put towards your new wardrobe, and whatever else you might need." He gestures up and down her body with his hand, still holding onto the green bills.

She starts to reject it but he quickly stops her, putting a finger up to silence her. "I don't care what you get, And I don't want all the details either. My only request is that you Just don't blow it, kay swan?"

Butterflies flutter in her stomach, although it's a weird feeling... Something she isn't used to. But no one has ever showed her this kind of generosity so freely in all her days of living on the streets. - Even if he is doing it just so he doesn't get caught, it means Alot.

"Are you positive?"

"Aye Swan, like it or not we're stuck in this together. And unless you want to go to the bloody brig, we need to cover our tracks carefully from now on." He carefully shrugs into his coat with a hiss as it brushes his shoulder. "This also means us getting new identities. We have to fade away."

She blinks, smiles sadly. Not sure how she feels about that, but she's determined to do what it takes to stay free.

"So yes, I'm positive love." "I wouldn't have offered it if I wasn't." He finishes by throwing the cash aside in the bed like its just paper.

Which that's what it is, but to her - Its much more.

"While you get that squared away, I've a guy I've arranged to meet with that can get us new identities. I'll meet you... Let's say-" he thinks through the few stores in this town "perhaps Ross in an hour?"

She nods, "Thank you, killian." Her voice grateful as she goes to pick up the money.

"Oh and lass-" Her head moves up, finding him halfway out the door. "Buy something nice.." He smirked offering her a wink before he turns to leave, the door large oak door locking behind him.

Her emerald eyes glance at the cash, and she can't stop the excitement that stirs within her.

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