Chapter 6 | Wounded Heart

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Fiddling with the cork jammed into his flask, Emma orders Killian to lay flat on the small floral couch.
Doing as she says for once, his legs dangle freely over the arm rest as he lays back allowing his shoulder to sit flatly on the cushions.

Running quickly to the bathroom she grabs a wash cloth, she gets back to his side and starts applying pressure to his wound. Slowly trickling the spiced liquor into his raw flesh; Her face scrunched up, as she forces herself to keep both eyes open.

Surprisingly he doesn't even flinch, he doesn't tell her to stop... He just lays there. The muscle in his jaw flinches as he clenches his broad jaw peppered with dark scruff.

His pupils dialate, his ocean blue eyes go turn solid black.
Thats when he zones out

He's no longer with Emma.

He's left this hotel, But he's temporarily left this life.

His mind traveling through damaged files of sorrow and torture; that Blends well with the seething pain.
He's no longer in this Realm.

Instead he's recalling a memory. He finds himself aboard the Jolly Roger manning the helm as they sail the high seas, he watches as his love with the sweeping black curls sows patches into his old night shirt while she sits astride a rum barrel near the edge of the ships wooden railing.

A lovesick smile smears over his features, He can tell she's listening to the magical chant of the waves as they crash rhythmically into the ship. Milahs biting her lip in deep concentration, as the watery depths stir below. Her hand weaving in an out with the thread.

It's moments like these that he lived for. He recalls the feeling of Love. That giddy feeling that flutters in the pit of your stomach with every touch, every moment of sacred anticipation, every shared glace.
He felt like he had a purpose, To keep his the woman he loves safe. Protected.

Then he blinks.

Sending him spiraling down through an all consuming memory like vortex.

Stumbling into the most grusome memory of his life - Watching the crocodile plunge his scaly hand into his beloveds chest, while he's tied to the mast struggling with every fiber In his being to break free.

But it's too late again, The Dark One rips out her pulsing red heart.
Without warning the black dust crumbles between his poisonous fingers right as the wind catches it, setting her adventurous soul forever free adrift these high seas.

The whole scene keeps playing like a broken record burnt into his haunted mind.

Killian stumbles to the ground holding onto his Milah one last time. Watching helplessly as she takes her last, weak, devastating breath on this cursed earth.

"I will avenge her if its the last thing I do Crocodile!"

"Good luck, living long enough-" The dark one spat. His scaly hands flick a crystal like bean to the wooden floorboards of the Jolly, The bean skids acrossed the deck.

A green swirling vortex swallows him whole; Killian looks up at him in distain, His eyes then locking on Milah's lifeless body laying on the deck, as he's being pulled away against his will.
His crew a good distance away, ducking behind crates and hanging onto ropes so as not to get swept up with him to the cursed place he's being sent.

With the chilling sound of the dark ones high pitched laugh, everything goes black.
Then he's falling.
Free falling into complete and utter darkness.

Moments tick by before Slamming into something cold and hard. He opens his eyes slowly, his blurry vision desperately trying to make out something. Anything. Blinking a few times trying to rid of the heavy feeling of weights on his eyes, he recalls his mind feeling hazy.

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