Chapter 2

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 After he left I went to find Liss and Christain and tell them about the deal Kirova and Alberta offered to get their opinions on it. I found them in Liss's dorm room talking, thank god the last time I walked in clothes were flying to say the least. "Hey Rose, what's up your early" 

Liss asked with a confused look on her face. "Yeah I know but I just came from Kirova's Office," I felt worried seep through the bond 

"Don't worry Liss nothing bad happened, actually, she and Alberta made an offer for you, me, Dimitri and sparky."   Worry was replaced with confusion. 

"What do you mean Rose? What kind of offer?" Liss asked I walked over and sat on the bed with her while I talked 

"Well  I guess that the academy doesn't want us to leave and they want to give us jobs here at the academy." 

I relay the conversation that Alberta had with me back to Liss. "Wow" Was all she said after I was done. 

"Is that all your to say?"  

"Rose it's a lot to think about. What do you want?" she asked still trying to process it all. 

"I just want what is best for you as this is really your's and Christain's decisions. I go where you go Liss. I'm your guardian." 

After I said that I could feel guilt flow through the bond along with a sense of uncertainty. "Liss don't feel guilty, okay. Really it's fine it's is part of being your guardian. Okay? So don't feel guilty. Kirova and Alberta gave us until  the end of the day to give them an answer. So why don't you just come and find me and tell me what you want, okay." With that, I got up off the bed told Christian I'll meet him in his first period and left.


After Rose left I turned to Christian "What do you think? What do you want to do?" I asked Christain. 

"Liss baby I want to do whatever you want," He said taking my hand in his.

 "Why does everybody always want me to decide everything?"  I could feel the tears start to form in my eyes. 

"Liss because you're the princess and a lot depends on your choices," he said wiping the tears from my face and bringing me into his embrace. He lied like that for away till he had to get to his class to meet Rose once he kissed the top of my head he left. 

I wish I knew what Rose wanted to do. She sacrifices so much for me and the least I can do is let her make this decision. Now the issue is trying to get her to decide want she would want. Damn what the point of this stupid bond if It won't work both ways. I need to talk to the one person she knows her like I do. With that realization, I called Eddie to tell him to come to my room since he was my guardian for the field experience. Once he arrived I grabbed my bag and left to find Guardian Belikov. 

We found him in the gym working out. Once he noticed us he stopped. "Princess, Mr. Castile what can I do for you?" he asked "Guardian Belikov how many times do I have to tell you this just call me Lissa okay. And I came to ask you a question about Rose." I could only ever so slightly see him stiffen after I said Ross's name. 

"Yes well, Lissa shouldn't you ask her yourself?"

"Well I guess you know about the offer that the Headmistress and Guardian Petrov gave all of us," He nodded "Well you see she wants me to decide but she has sacrificed so much for me over the years so I want to give her something back. And you see I want to be able to let her choose if we all stay or not but she won't tell me what she wants so that's why I'm here you know her just as much as I do so I was hoping you could tell me what she wants." 

After I finished he looked at me  "If she wanted you to choose then it's for a reason and you should speak to her about this." 

"But that's the issue she won't talk to me about want she wants. She'll say something like "Liss I go where you go" and I don't want that. I want to give her something she wants for a change and your the only other person that knows her like I do so will please just tell me what you think she would want." After I finished I could feel the darkness growing in me for a slight moment but left as quick as it came. 

"Well Princess," I glared at that title "Lissa, I think she would like to stay here with you protected and you being able to teach and help others. Plus I now she would love to show Guardian Alto what she can do in her combat classes." He finished 

"Thank you Guardian Belikov oh and I promise I won't tell Rose you told me this." With that Eddie and I left to first hour.

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