A New Dawn

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This was Percy's last day at the hospital they were finally releasing him after one week. He was exited well as exited as you could get after being put through was he was he really didn't want to go back to school but he figured he should stay strong for his mom and go back because he knew if he didn't go back his mom would be disappointed but after getting beaten almost to death it was something that just goes away in and instant.

He exited the hospital getting in the car waiting for his mom who was still filling out the release papers. He sighed this was very stressful he still was sore after his 'experience' so after his mom made it back into the car they headed to the pharmacy near there home and got his pain killers he really didn't like pills. They made him feel like he was suffocating.

When he got home he was surprised to find his cousin Nico and those other kids that he met at lunch asking him if he was okay and he brushed them of really but wanting to get to close knowing they would lie, cheat, and stab him in the back like everyone else he came across. This is what today's society was nowadays.

He ignored there concerned glances thinking they were fake. Percy made his way to his room wanting tube left in there to his music he liked solitude he kept to himself i suppose that's whyhe gets bullied by other males bullied him it want because he was hot surely he want even that good looking (*sigh* if only Percy knew how hot he is). He was on bed rest for the next two weeks so he would be brought his homework by Nico.

Nico was one of the few people he trusted. Nico was his bestfriend. Honestly he really just wanted to sleep so he played down and slowly succumbed to the darkness waiting for a new dawn another chance he hoped one day maybe.

Hey guys sorry I haven't updated in a while...... Ya I really have no excuses I just put this story off so my dear old friend BOOKSAMMY reminded me that people including her loved this story thank you guys for your support its really wonderful. Btw this tommoriw is Christmas Eve I will update all my storys the same on Christmas I will update them all on both days Well peace.

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