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You're sitting in a booth in Starbucks when...

You hear the door open and close, and you glance toward the person who walked in. She's short, adorably so, and she's wearing large sunglasses. She orders a coffee before appearing to look for a place to sit. You take a sip of your drink as you watch her, wondering if you should tell her to sit with you.
"Hey," you finally speak up. She looks toward you and raises her sunglasses, resting them over her short black hair. She gives you a bright grin, and you can't help but smile, too. "Come sit with me."
"Thanks!" she says, her voice as adorable as she is. She sits down, putting her bag to her side. Her shirt sleeve slips up a bit, exposing the edge of a tattoo.
"What's your tattoo?" you ask, not really thinking that it might be rude until the words leave your mouth. You blush, but she grins again.
"Wanna see them?" she asks, still smiling. You nod, and she takes off her parka, leaving her in her white t-shirt. She stretches her arms across the table, showing you her tattoos. "These two go together," she says, referring to the "Stay" on her left wrist and "Strong" on her right.
"They're beautiful," you breathe, touching them gently.
"I love them so much!" she replies before turning her right hand to reveal a cross on the side of her hand and birds flying up her arm. "I used to have just the "faith" here," she says, pointing to the word near her elbow. "but I added the birds after." She shows you her left arm, which has a large rose. "This used to be a kiss mark that looked a little like..." She glances at you, her brown eyes meeting yours. She leans in a bit, her face nearing yours as she whispers, "A pussy." She smirks, leaning back again and raising an eyebrow. "And I don't mean a cat."
"Oh my god," you laugh, covering your mouth. She breaks into a grin, laughing with you.
"I'm Demi, by the way," she says once you've both stopped laughing.
"I'm y/n," you tell her.
"You know, y/n," she says, giving you a smirk. "I like you." She reaches for her bag, pulling out a pen and paper before scribbling something down. She folds it before sliding it across the table to you. You take it, raising an eyebrow at her. She pulls her bag onto her arm along with her parka before grabbing her coffee and sliding out of the booth. "Call me," she says, giving you a wink.
"Hmm I think I will, Demi," you reply, and she grins again before turning around and leaving, waving her hand without turning around. You watch her walk off before unfolding the paper with her phone number. Who knew you'd meet someone at Starbucks?

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