Chapter One

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You are now chatting with frankfarter

daddyGee: yo

frankfarter: yo

frankfarter: who the hell are you peasant

daddyGee: I'm here to supply you with your monthly subscription of male nudes just a small payment of $99.69 a month !1!1!1

frankfarter: fuckboy

daddyGee: scuse you

daddyGee: I'm emo as fuck

daddyGee: the ruler of sass

daddyGee: aand I found your kik written in a library book on a page I needed for hw I got a zero that day bc of you

frankfarter: ,,w h o o p s I'm gonna go

daddyGee: plsno I'll throw in a free book of pickup lines help a friend out I'm just a smol wild emo looking for a home

frankfarter: no

frankfarter: why am I still talking to you anyway

daddyGee: bc I haven't sent you a pic of a wrinkly dick as a conversation starter

frankfarter: so you're saying you have a wrinkly dick

daddyGee: nO fu king hell

frankfarter: ha ,,liar

daddyGee: I can show you proof ;)

frankfarter: blocked

daddyGee: frankie no

frankfarter: yES

frankfarter: you fucking fuckboy

daddyGee: I'm gonna tell your mom you called me a fuckboy

frankfarter: you dont know my mom

daddyGee: I know your mom very well ;)))))

frankfarter: stop

frankfarter: oh my goD

daddyGee: ;) thats what she said ;)

frankfarter: d i e

Okay it is gonna get longer soon this is just the beginning

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