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                                                                                            Wednesday December 23rd, 2015

Dear Reader, 


GOD I WANT TO KNOW HOW TO PROPERLY WRITE A STORY DESPERATELY. All of these authors with good stories and i'm reading them and I am JEALOUS. How do they do it? Is it something I don't have? I sure as hell have creativity. Is it my ADHD Behavior? WTF!!! What's the secret!!! I desperately want to know. HELP MY LIFE PLEASE. 



Merry Christmas everyone! I am so excited! Do you want to know why?

It hasn't snowed yet. 

Nope not where I live it hasn't snowed.

So you all know what I'm hoping for right?


A white christmas!!! OMG what if it snows on CHRISTMAS!! I don't ever remember having a white christmas so this May be exiting!!!

I feel sorry for anyone who hasn't ever seen/experience snow. I will describe it for those people. 

1. Snow is white (*Depending on the circumstances. Dont pick up dirty snow. That includes snow of any color other then white*)

2. Sow is wet. It's like ice shavings shoved together and compacted in large amounts that fall from the sky. It melts.

3. Snow comes in many different sizes and shapes of snowflakes. Snowflakes are the small little flurries that fall from the sky. Snow is the compacted version of these snow flakes. The snowflakes are like ice shavings except in pretty carvings(Shapes). 

4. If you are a "Lover of heat" Snow is not for you and you are grateful to be living in the country that you do. 

Say hello and say goodbye, 


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