Chapter 1

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I paced the room, my heart was beating erratically against my chest, my mind was going crazy with what if's. I clasped my hands together and pursed my lips as Emerald strolled out of the room, a very tense Samuel not far behind her. She gave me a sorrowful look before continuing down the hall, leaving me with a horrified Samuel. I sighed and turned to face him, one look and I knew this was going to be a true nightmare for him.

"Samuel..." I whispered, not knowing what to say. 

And just like that he crumbled, collapsing against me as we both fell to the ground. He sobbed into my shirt, his arms wrapped tightly around me. "Please don't let them hurt me." he cried.

I stroked his hair, "Shhhh, I won't let them anywhere near you. I'll make sure of that." I assured him, hoping he would calm down.

Only a few days have passed since Samuel and I became engaged, it was great at first, but then Emerald had received a letter from their oh so loving parents. In the letter it stated that they would return home in just a week's time, barely giving us any time to prepare Samuel. Emerald decided she would just have to break the news to him sooner than later. I was anxious the whole entire time, my fear had rose during the whole morning. 

I have no idea what I'm even getting myself into, but I know for a fact that his parents are the only two things he fears the most. I shook my head, his parents disgust me. If they come back begging for forgiveness I hope Samuel won't fall for it and will slam the door in their face. Though, I don't think he'll even open the door. Emerald made it very clear that he is terrified of them, even now. I continued to comfort him until he was calm enough to follow me to our room. 

"Rest." I said, kissing him briefly on the lips. "You need it."

He frowned, but obeyed as he curled up under the sheets. I closed our bedroom door before laying beside him, he looked at me with tired eyes. I gave him a reassuring smile, he smiled back and pulled me against his chest. I sighed in content, enjoying the warmth that surrounded me. 

"I'll keep you safe, Samuel." I whispered. "I promise."

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