Chapter Forty Eight

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Anora stood in the field beside Sebastian as an adult dragon had made it's way to the sanctuary. It was common for dragons to arrive to the sanctuary when they sensed others nearby. The majority of them didn't stay though and were referred to as Drifters. It was Anora's job as she had worked with the Ministry before to ensure that the dragon continued on their merry way without being seen by any muggle.  The dragons were known to take a couple of detours.

The last incident involved a Catalonian Fireball dragon attempting to attack a muggle airline. What fun that had been. The dragon that arrived that early evening was a Portuguese Long-Snout and a beautiful one at that. With the glowing of the setting sun reflecting off the light green scales of the male dragon, the dragon had immediately caught the attention of some workers who had alerted Anora.

However, when she arrived on the scene, she was quick to note that the dragon was injured and Sebastian was called to tend to the dragon. It had taken several workers to stun the dragon enough to where Sebastian would be able to work. Along it's belly, the dragon had been ripped and Anora was sure if it was due to the fact that it was mating season.

The majority of dragons were acting a bit off in the sanctuary, at least the ones that were sexually mature. The males strutted with over-confidence around the sanctuary in attempts to attract a female, while the majority of the females didn't look like they could be bothered. It was tricky business for young males especially during their first mating seasons, they had to find a willing female and then they had to fight off other males.

Anora figured he had pissed off some male by the looks of the scratch marks, most dragon breeds gave the males the sharper claws while the females had the size advantage.

"Poor thing." Anora rested her hand on the dragon's snout as  Sebastian worked his magic. "You thought dating was hard in our world..."

Sebastian laughed. "I don't know, some of the women I've met over the years might as well be dragons by the way they act. You ask them out for a simple meal and they're about ready to rip your head off."

"Maybe that's why the female dragons are so bitter." Anora chuckled. "The males aren't even asking them out to dinner, they want to get directly down to business."

"At least their intentions are obvious. They're not beating around the's straight forward. Do you want to sleep with me? No. Moving on. How about you? Want to check out my scales under the moonlight? Oh you'll pass? Fine by me, I thought your teeth were a bit too yellow anyways." Sebastian went on.

"You're giving this way too much thought, Sebs."

"I know, but I feel bad for the guys. They can't seem to catch a break. I can relate to them."

"Awww, Sebs are you feeling lonely during mating season?"

"Yes and unfortunately for me, unlike our dragon friends here, mating season is year round."

"Maybe if you stopped referring to it as mating might get somewhere." Anora told him. 

The dragon's eyes began to focus a bit more as the stunning spells began to wear off. His black eyes focused on Anora as he let out a few huffs.

"Yeah I see you too." She cooed at the dragon ."Got yourself into a bit of a nasty situation, didn't you?"

"I'm surprised to see a Portuguese Long-Snout out this far." Sebastian said changing the subject.

"We've been getting a variety of Drifters lately now that you've mentioned it." Anora agreed. "Chinese Fireball, and a bunch of Welsh Greens...they must be following the jet streams or something."

"The jet streams or the tail?" Sebastian grinned.

"Ew." Anora scrunched up her face.

The dragon suddenly lifted his head and the two stood back as it attempted to stand up fully. It's legs shook under it's weight and it collapsed after a few seconds.

It snarled at them.

"Hey, don't you give us attitude." Anora scolded him. "If it weren't for us you'd be tending to your own wounds and last time I checked dragons weren't medical experts."

"Are you seriously scolding the dragon right now, Anora?" Sebastian asked her.

"I don't appreciate the attitude." she turned back to the dragon. "If you didn't threaten to bite us we wouldn't have had to stun your arse."

"Let's not piss it off now." Sebastian took a few more steps back.

"Damn dragons and their lack of manners sometimes."

Gathered in Nicola's cabin, Charlie arrived after working with Norberta all day and settled himself at the table with a bunch of other workers to enjoy a prepared meal.

A few minutes later, Anora arrived with Sebastian.

"Hey," he greeted her, drawing her into his lap. "How did it go? Is the dragon alright?"

"He's fine. Bit of an jerk, but fine."

"She was giving the dragon a lesson in proper manners." Sebastian told him sitting down.

"That doesn't surprise me at all." Charlie grinned. "She once told Roscoe to chew with his mouth closed."

Some of the other workers snickered at the table as Anora blushed.

"It's a pet peeve of mine!"

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