When we make it back outside, the fight that was going on is over. There's no one around except for me and Braxton, as well as a black SUV parked a few strides away. Braxton opens the right back door and sets me down onto the leather seats. I notice both Noah and Garret are in the front. They don't say a word, and just look forward, out the windshield.

I expect Braxton to close the door behind him and go around to the other side, but he pushes me into the middle and gets in. I start scooting over to the other side of the car, so I'm not pressed against Braxton, but he wraps on arm around my waist, keeping me in place.

I look up at him with narrowed eyes, but before I can argue with him, Braxton says, "Put on your seatbelt."

I roll my eyes, but listen to his command. It's pretty clear that he won't let me move over, so why should I waste my energy on a lost cause?

Instead, I change the subject to something mush more important. "You have a lot of explaining to do."

Braxton sighs quietly. "What do you want to know?"

"Everything," I say.

"Can this at least wait until we're home?" Braxton asks. "I'll have Asher, Natalie, and your parents meet us there. They can explain certain things much better than I can."

Hesitantly, I nod. "Fine."

It's silent for the remainder of the trip. In my head, I'm planning out all of the questions that I am going to ask him. There's a lot.

Surprisingly, it only takes us a few hours to get back to the clearing where all of the buildings, including Braxton's house, are. I assume that the abandoned house that Damien took me to is in Oregon as well.

Not gonna lie, I'm a bit irritated that I made it all the way back to Colorado, only to end up right back where I started. But, I've slowly come to terms with the fact that this place feels a lot more like a home than mine ever did.

When we stop on the driveway of Braxton's house, there is another SUV parked out front, identical to the one that we are in. How many of these cars do they have? I wonder silently.

Braxton hops out of the car and offers me a hand. Slowly, I undo my seatbelt and allow him to help me out of the SUV. We follow Noah and Garrett to the front door.

Once inside, we go to the living room, where Natalie, Asher, Nathaniel, and Isabelle are sitting on the couch, waiting for us. I sit down on one of the chairs, so I'm not too close to any of them, and can see everyone. Braxton stays standing, his eyes watching my every move.

No one speaks, and the silence is starting to make me uncomfortable. I clear my throat as quietly as possible and say, "So... you guys are... werewolves?" It comes out as more of a question rather than a statement, because I'm still having a hard time processing the whole thing.

"Yes," Braxton replies.

"All of you?" I ask. Everyone in the room nods, so I swallow, and take a deep breath. "How?"

It's silent for a few seconds. Clearly, no one knows how to answer my question. Then Natalie speaks up. "Just like how you have genes that determine that you have green eyes and brown hair. We just have genes that allow us to shift into a wolf."

I nod slowly, biting my lip. "Are you guys all like in the same... pack?" I question. I'm hoping that I'm using the correct terms so I don't look like an idiot in front of all of these people, especially Braxton.

I glance over shyly at him, only to see that a small smile adorns his very kissable lips. "Yes. We live and function together, because a wolf is strongest in a pack."

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