Chapter 15

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Stealing Hearts 6/30/13

Chapter 15

Allison’s POV

Determination was set in his eyes, having a plan already made in his head. He looked down at me with those blue eyes sparkling and shinning even in these shitty hospital lights. I think this would be a time when you would want background music to be playing.

“No.” I state leaving him deadpan and broke of determination. His eyes lost the sparkle they once held. A frown sketched its way onto his pale face. His shoulders slump in sadness and rejection.

“And why not?!” Ashley freaks out on me. I give her a look about how I will tell her later. Niall sighs walking out the room.

“I’m not going to trust you that easy again Horan.” I call out to the defeated boy with a smirk. His eyes sparkle back up upon hearing the challenge. A grin appears and all sadness leaves his body.

“I’m going to take that challenge. Just you wait. Take me away Paul!” He tells me arms wide open. Paul comes up behind the silly boy who has his arms wide open, picking him up by the arms carrying him out. I giggle at Paul who has an annoyed look plaster on his face.

“Good luck Paul!” I yell at the poor man. He throws Niall in the elevator giving me a salute as the door closes. I laugh walking back into the room. Ashley was lying on her bed almost asleep. I grab my bag hoping to get out of an explanation.

“Where do you think your going with an explanation?” She questions full of sass. I sigh sitting back in my chair getting comfy for the long story. So then, I explain everything. From the beginning until now.

By the time I finished by weeklong story Ashley was asleep on her bed. The surgery must’ve been tiring for her body. I smile knowing that she survived the pain and is still here. My smile disappears when I realize I need to go apartment shopping. I will need a well paying job for both of us since I can’t spend the rest of my life stealing things and being on the police most wanted list. The clock tells me that it’s six p.m. I grab my bag walking out the hospital through the back exit. I skateboard to town looking in all the windows. A few help wanted signs hung in a couple gas stations and for part time job. I pass a diner I’ve not really noticed before. I walk in making the bell ding. The cashier looks up with a smile on her face. It was an older lady with a dirty white apron and red shirt.

“How can I help you deary?” She asks with a small accent. I smile at the old lady letting the nerves get the best of me.

“Are you hiring?” I ask in a small voice looking down. I peek up through my eye lashes and the old lady gives a chuckle.

“Of course! We could use some more young kids working here.” She exclaims with a wide smile. The kind that a mother would give a kid after the did something important or won something.

“Do you want me to fill out a form or-“

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