:( epilogue :(

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Note 1

Hello angel from afar,

I've notice you walk into the library everyday, so now I will too.

You seem to not like the way I smack my gum, so now I'll do it louder.

Note 2

I like how you yell at me.

Your accent falls of your tongue with a deep rasp.

You told me to stop smacking my gum, so I'll do it more now.

Note 3

Angel from afar,

Don't you know I'm mentally ill?

My dad hurts me because I'm crazy,

Just wait till I leave.

Note 4

Maybe you'll find out my story eventually,

Maybe you'll even find out my name

Angel from afar, I think I love you

Note 5

Angel from afar,

You called me beautiful,

No one has before


You love me.

Note 6

Angel from afar,

I'm sorry if I distract you

I wish I could know you.

Oh angel,

I'm dead already.

Note 7

Those cookies weren't your present,

They we're a bag from my doctor,

He needed me to eat,

I won't listen.

Note 8


You brought me beautiful flowers.

I hugged you.

I love you.

Note 9

You were worried.

You were so loving.

Angel from afar,

I have to leave soon,

Don't be sad.

Note 10

My sweet angel.

This is my goodbye,

My farewell,

I loved you, I love you

You gave me life,

But you need to know, I'm insane

I deserved to leave

Angel, I loved you since we were in grade 5.

Maybe you have loved me since then too,

Angel, never leave.



Gotta blast

I hope I didn't make you cry fam

- Ivy

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