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Since we previously left Kira she was crying because Scott had leave Beacon Hills. He did to protect Liam and he didn't know when he was coming back but it had been two years. Kira had met this nice guy who was a business accountant his name Robert. She liked him but she did have a secret. She was having an affair with Theo. Everyone but Robert knew which sort of made her feel bad. She wanted to bad for once so you can't blame her or judge her especially when she is truthful with her demons.

"Kira I'm going to work now." Robert tells from the kitchen.

"Ok bye." Kira kisses him.

"Love you." He says heading out.

"You too." Little did he know, Kira did not love him. She had not loved anyone since Scott left.

"Hey! Daddy's home!" Theo yells.

Kira smiles "Shut up. Are you trying to get caught?"

"I don't give a damn. I think you don't care either."

"You don't know me so I'll give you a pass."

"I know you don't love this guy. I know you don't love me this is just a sex thing."

"You knew that. That was our agreement in the first place. We aren't in a movie where I'd fall in love with you."

"I don't care. Sex is just a weapon that you use against other people. This Rob you don't love him because he is not Scott."

"Yeah I guess but he does not know and you aren't going to tell him." Kira grabs his shirt.

"Fine but I don't care if we get caught." Theo pushes Kira into the wall. "What's Scott's hold on you anyways?"

Kira pushes him down "You don't get to ask me questions. You get to go down on me and shut up."

"Alright." Theo pushes her up and proceeds to pleases her.

Kira likes to forget about her problems when Theo is with her. He makes most of her problems but his sex is the best she's had since Scott and she does not want to let that go.

Theo finishes up after Kira can't take anymore. "One of these days you are going to share in the effort."

"No you do what I tell you or I could replace with the gardener."

"From pool boy to gardener, you are like a boring housewife."

"I'm not married and I don't care what I sound like but I like to think of myself as a dominatrix."

"Or the people would call you a hoe."

"You think I care because I don't. I like to think of myself as a modern woman or a woman who likes sex. I can hang with the best of them and not fall in love."

"Yeah right. I could find someone exactly like Scott..."

"No you couldn't."

"That's right because you love danger. You used to be so mad at Scott for putting himself in danger but you thrive off it. Your weird kitsune thing gets a high of off danger. That's why you sleep with me and not that I'm complaining but you are more twisted then me."

"Well thank you counselor Theo. I really wanted your diagnosis of me. You need to shave more. You're beard is starting to cut my inner thighs."

"Consider me leaving a mark or a representation of someone who actually makes you reach something."

"Whatever Robert could be getting suspicious."

"Why act like you care? Why do you keep him around anyways?"

"Stop with the third degree. We don't need to talk about our lives all we have is sex. If you aren't giving me what I need then I won't keep you around."

"I can do whatever I want and you will keep me around because I make you forget it. Yeah sometimes I look your face as you reach your end. You need me way more than I need you."

"If you think so you have gotten too complacent."

"Alright I'm getting tired of you lying to me so bring you ass over."

Kira runs over and Theo picks her up and throws her on the bed. They don't do the whole "kissing" thing. So he climbs her body and uses it for fun. He "loved" her till they both reached a pleasing end.

"You can go now." Kira orders him out.

"Alright bye." With that Theo leaves.

Kira doesn't hate Theo but she doesn't really like him either. He is just a person who gives her want and he is disposal except he is the only one who can give her what she needs and wants. Kira figured she should get up so she wouldn't be left to her thoughts. When she is left alone for a while she starts thinking about...him. Of course she would overanalyze why he left which would lead to her trying to "sleep" in her tub. She was not proud of this is but it was how she felt she needed to cope. But now she needed to get dressed and head to Malia's. Malia was Kira's best friend but she judged Kira so harsh about the Theo thing.

Tell me if I should continue? I don't know I felt inspired by a Kireo tumblr

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