Chapter 17

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(Nate's P.O.V)

I slowly start to open my eyes waking up. I lay in my bed and remember what happen yesterday. Anna was happy, but that was just for the day ,wait I forgot to tell her something. I get up and walk to her room, she is still asleep. She looks so peaceful like all the bad things escaped her mind, like nothing will hurt her. I want to see her like that all the time, I hate seeing her so upset. She's my best friend again I have to try and not mess it up like last time. Deep down I feel like this is all my fault, If I would have just stayed the same and not have become a big jerk Hunter would still be alive. Anna would not be in so much pain or have to live with out him. I hate my self, this is all my fault. I feel tears roll down my face, I just leave them there. I close my eyes and think, think back to the dream I had a while ago. If I would have never meet Anna or Hunter, she would be happy right now with Mat, and Hunter would still be alive. Instead she is alone with out her older brother and stuck with me the same person who hurt her.

 Someone wipes the tears off my cheek, I open my eyes to see Anna. "Nate are you okay?" She asks concerned. I shake my head no, "This is all my fault." I whisper. "What is?" She asks. "Hunter dying, you being upset and alone.." I say while more tears fall. "It's not your fault." she says very calm. "Yes it is! If I would have never became a jerk we would all still be happy." I say. "Nate unless you where the person who crashed there car in to Hunter's it's not your fault and it will never be." She says. I stand there not saying a word as tears keep falling from my eyes. I hate crying in front of people I feel weak, but everything had hit me. "Hey you're okay." I hear Anna say hugging me and I hug back. I don't know why but I feel save with her like nothing can hurt me. She lets go and wipes the rest of the tears off my face. "Don't ever think it's your fault." She says. I nod then she pushes me out of her room so she can get dressed. After a few minutes she come out, "Hey I am going to hand out with Arianna today, see you later." She says then walks outside. Great all alone with nothing but my thoughts. I turn on the T.V and watch what ever shows are on. I get bored after a few hours and walk to my room. "what to do." I say to my self. I look over to the corner of the room and see my guitar. Have not use this thing for a while now so why not now none's home. I go pick it up and sit down and start playing it.

(Anna's P.O.V)

I get back home after a few hours of spending time with Arianna. We spent most of the time in the mall looking at random things. After that we went to get ice cram and Mark came with us to. Once I get inside I lay on the couch, I am so tired.As I close my eyes  I remember what happen this morning with Nate. I felt safe with him, I want to be by his side forever and keep him safe. I wanna hold him in my arms so I know he's safe and be with him. I guess for now I will just stay as his best friend and keep him safe now who knows if he feels the same. Wait where is Nate, Did he go to bed? I get up and walk around, I hear something from his room. I get closer and hear him playing his guitar, the he starts to sing. (Play the song ^.^ )

  After he gets done I start to walk back to the living room but my hand slips and opens the door. I land on the floor and Nate looks at my surprised. "Hi Nate." I say laying on the floor. "Hey, your back." He says then helps me up. "Yeah, you sounded great." I say. "Thanks." he says looking at the ground. He is so cute and sweet, The way his hair falls out of place, the way his eyes shine in the light. No I can't think like that, I can't make things worse for my self he won't like me the same way and I don't want my heart even more broken than it already is. "Anna?" I hear Nate say. "Oh um sorry guess I spaced out." I say laughing. "Okay." He says smiling. "I am going to go get some sleep." I say. "okay night." He says. I am about to walk out when Nate hugs me, I feel my cheeks start to heat up. "See you in the morning." he says. "See you." I say. He lets go and I walk to my room. I change in to my pajamas and lay down. Nate is different from other people, I don't know what it is about him but he makes me feel safe again....


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