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What she had thought was a nice stroll through a gorgeous island turned into an impromptu rescue mission. She just had to have washed on the Island of Temptations didn't she? That too, along with the air headed Alkaios. To be fair, Elina hadn't believed the island even existed much less in such close proximity.

There was the myth that followed the island, which was Elina was truly afraid. (All myths were real, but why they were called myths was beyond her.)

The myth involved a sex addicted she-devil that the hero gets tricked by, as always seeing as heroes always had to be male.

Insert purely bored sigh here.

In this myth however, since the hag wasn't immortal- she would suck the beauty and youth of passing youngsters. Alkaios seemed to have a lot of beauty, as his many admirers were proof.

Luckily for her, all she had to do was find Alkaios and book it.

That was also impossible considering their lack of transportation. (This she blamed on the irrational decision of Alkaios to pitch themselves off into the icy waters.)

(This was also why she was the smart one.)

"Oh Lords of Olympus, hear my cry- I will slaughter Alkaios the moment I lay hands on him!" she cried out, just as pulled herself up on a branch. Her grip slipped slightly and she felt her breath hitch. Elina was definitely not ready to meet Hades yet. That was a meeting she was trying to postpone, even though it was already set.

For now, Elina was climbing up a mammoth hill, trying to find a high point to search the island from. So far, she was glad to have ditched her chiton- that blasted flappy thing would've gotten in her way every ten seconds. Yet, she still hadn't managed to get pass the thickets and the branches that stood in her way.

Instead, Elina instead imagined what troubles and worries Alkaios must've been going through. Probably unknowingly tricked into spending his life away.

That poor boy indeed. (Sarcasm was heavily placed on that sentence. Elina would rather he die but her morals would not allow her to leave him so.)

(Stupid morals.)

"Another stalk of grapes?" Alkaios asked, pushing it away. "Um, no thanks." The lady in front of him pouted before shifting away. So far Alkaios had no recollection of how he had arrived here, much less why he was being treated so kindly. (Refreshing after Elina's constant yammering.)

"You are tired, young one." The woman smiled. "Have some refreshments." Where was he? Well he was in a palace of some sorts, the floors almost translucent. The island was below him, and it seemed he was atop a mountain of sorts. This provided him no sense of calm as any attempt of pitching himself off the mountain would end in all different kinds of pain and eatgh.

"Yeah, but this is like my third stalk of grapes." Alkaios slid slightly away. "I'm fine." He was resting on a bed, with thousands of pillows bordering is heads. Very tempting to just lay back and drift off to sleep.

"Maybe sleep?" she tried, noticing his droopy eyes. "You've come a long way Alkaios." Alkaios straightened up, suddenly alert.

"I never told you my name...." He trailed off, suspiciously. It was never good when strange people are nice to you and know your name.

It practically spelled out death.

Pushing himself off the bed, he faced the doe eyed woman with newfound strength. It was as if some sort of sleepy trance broke and he felt more refreshed.  This situation was far too creepy for his liking and he much preferred Elina's scathing wrath than this woman's grapes.

"Ah." She turned around, bored. "So you aren't as dumb as they say." Alkaios stuttered backwards, mildly offended. He placed his hand on his hip where his sword should have been, but was missing.

"Listen lady," he muttered, "I am so confused right now, so I suggest you let me go." Then his gaze found the grapes- suddenly feeling very hungry for grapes. "And I'll take the grapes to go."

"Men." She snorted. "Always thinking everything is about them."

"Do you find me charming perhaps?" Alkaios struck a pose. "Ladies love me, you know."

"Shut up you fool!" she exclaimed, growling. "Oh how I wish I could slaughter you and take your youth already!" She sighed heavily, rubbing her ruby lips thoughtfully. "But no, I have another task."

"I'm pretty good at tasks too," Alkaios suggested, "Will you let me go then?"

"Seriously? You still don't get it?" The lady was seemingly getting more and more frustrated. "I don't care about you, I don't even need  you. I have plenty of prisoners to feed off from." She gestured to the old and kind of young people walking around in a mindless daze.

"Huh," he muttered thoughtfully, "I never noticed them."

"You were too busy being tempted by me," the lady reasoned. "Obviously."

Alkaios raised an eyebrow, choosing his next words carefully. "I'd prefer the grapes."

"I'll kill you later, as for now-" She clapped her hands gleefully. "Let's wait for your friend, shall we? That's who I need." She turned to face Alkaios, her black hair shimmering ever so slightly. "But let's put you to sleep now, and maybe this time you won't wake up."


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