Well now you know

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When a female tells you "ttyl" that could mean your demise. Understand that it could mean multiple things but let's just understand this case. When she said "ttyl" it could have meant the following:
1. I gotta go
2. You're annoying
3. I'm playing hard to get
Okay maybe the last 1 isn't the only answer but still you have to watch how you word your pieces.

You're reading this like "this is shit". You are right, when I wrote this fucking story I had a crush on this chick but it's too late because I'm in the friend-zone ( I chose to do one last move and got the results, blocked her ass off snapchat and now I'm here today touching myself to my follow count, as if I care anyway I lost all interest before making the move because of the 3 months waiting for her ass).
I wouldn't reccomend these dumb ass story's to anyone so scroll away and let me get back to writing "losers guide to success". 100 followers later and I'm still pumping the same bullshit I put in my last short story. I'll leave you with this farewell. And good luck with your crushes.

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