Chapter 5 | Remedy

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After Emma and Killian Argue over where to stay for nearly half an hour, and probably look like suspicious creeps driving repeatedly up & down the block until they agreed on a place to sleep in the process....

Eventually they decide on a nicer motel 6 in the more secluded town of Weed, California. It's a weird name, I know.

Preparing to get out, Emma slides her geeky glasses back on, tucking any loose strands behind her ears. Her hair bouncing in its confined ponytail as she strides over to the main lobby in hopes of procuring a room.

Holding his shoulder steady, Killian steps out of the car stretching his legs.
Leaning against the hood in his striking black leather, He crosses his arms over his chest as he observes swan having a conversation with an older woman behind the front desk.

He watches as Emma grabs two extra towels from a metal rack before stepping out into the evening air.

She strides back to the car, handing Killian one of two cards that serve as room keys.
Following the paved path from there they walk down through a small unkept courtyard. Side by side Emma and Killian look for room 31.

Killian Spots it first, just tucked around the narrow bend.
Sliding his card in with one hand, while the other secures his shoulder, patiently they wait for the light to blink green.

The door clicks open and he kicks the heavy door with his booted foot as he walks in, its unbeknown to him that the door barely misses Emma as it loudly slams shut.

The urge to hold the door for her had arose, but he couldn't allow himself to fall into that. Because the urge to say and do Alot of things, arose... And one genuine act may lead to another.

And he would not betray his Milah like this. Not over some pretty, Blonde distraction.

He had more pressing matters to attend to anyway. Besides He though, when all is said and done she can bloody well fend for herself.

Not even allowing a moment to catch her breathe after nearly getting taken out by the heavy door, Killian's Accented voice echoes through the sterile room.

"We're you conjuring up mischievous plan I wasn't aware of Swan? I knew you'd succumb to me and my devilish good looks before too long... But that was quite quicker than even I could have foreseen."

Emma hears him state. She doesn't even have to look at him, she can literally hear his wicked smirk as he walks out of view. She quickly follows him, rounding the corner she finds him pointing to the One and only King size bed in the middle of the room.

Her cheeks turning a light crimson as he looks to the bed than back at her. Waiting for an explanation with a growing wicked smirk
"No, its all they had available with it being so last minute..." She defends. Defensively putting her hand up in surrender "And I wasn't sticking around to ask questions, so if you have a problem go talk to Debra." She crosses the room laying her only bag on the bed, staking her claim.

Killian furrows a brow "Debra? Whose D-"

"The lady at the front desk, Killian. And boy was she was a biter." Emma shakes her head at the recently made memory. "Just be sure to keep your hands out of her range, or your likely to lose one."

"Ya know what lass... One bed should suffice! Which side ya want love?" He replies cheekily nodding his head as he walks over to the bed

"Oh no you don't!" She throws her arms up, sprinting around the bed to stop him when he starts laying his stuff down "- I'm sorry, but You get the couch. End of discussion."

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