An Invitation for a Broken Heart

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Laeyah's POV

Ring-ring-ring; Like the sound of my iPhone could not get any worse. My alarm has been going off for the past ten minutes. I literally feel like throwing up. For some reason I was never born a morning person but when life throws you some lemons what do you make? lemonade. Argh! Who the hell made school?

"Laeyah....Logan get yo ass downstairs now before I come up to get yah"!

She screamed, knocking me right out of my morning trance.

My mother, Sylvia is a very strong woman. I have yet to see another women who has dealt with verbal abuse the way she has. Everyday, some how she manages to display the little strength she some what carries. With that saying in all my years of life I can only recall ever seeing her cry once. However, since her divorce I have come to realize a new part of her. Something indescribable.

Beauty. My time of  realization, however,  is subsequently unfortunate. For I wish to have seen this quality prior to the circumstances I had to face at the commencement of my high school years, but it is better to find something later than never.

The beauty that radiates from her is not only physical but internal, its something one sense, an indescribable feeling.

" Good morning Logan", I said  looking down on my cracked iPhone screen. I had just received a text from Noel.

- Good morning Sweet bunches . hoped u rest well. Text me back asap ;)

While looking down I smiled as I walked towards our well furnished dinning area. Noel actually texted me. This must be a dream. Suddenly my body was in contact with a soft but yet hard object. As I looked up I was utterly surprised to see a familiar face. She was tall with dark brown hair, hazel eyes and the complexion of a Greek goddess. I screamed as I scanned her face. It was Malia ; My long time best friend. I knew her since we were fetuses. She was there for me when I was bullied and even when my father died. Just her presence at the moment made me think of how much I missed her.

" How has life been treating you Laeyah"?

My eyes flickered with amazement.

"It has done me great. What brings you to my home at such time"? I said feeling quite proud of my use of words.

"Well college is college. Same old, same old. It's loads of work not to mention I have finals in a month" she said, expanding her big hazel eyes to emphasize.

"Oh wow stop scaring me Mali, you already know I am going to graduate this year and I can not deal with extra stress", my hands where placed in mid air.

" Anyways you can come by apartment later, that way we can catch up on some things".

"Wait...Gotta go so soon"? My eyes searched in her eyes for an answer.

"Yup. Got some unfinished business to take care of. I'll be here for a few days. I just decided to pop in and say hi, by the way your mom was the one who let me in if your wondering. I'm not some freak who caries around a copy of her friend's house key. Lol just playing",she says with a slight wink.

" Ah ok then I said, makes perfect sense. I'll text you when I'm coming over ok? Bye"! I said leaning in to give her a hug and kiss. Man I missed her!

" By the way, where is Logan? I gotta tell him hi before I leave ".

" He's in the hallway over there talking to some girl on his phone. He totally ignored me when I told him good morning. Ah... kids these days"!

Right after talking to Malia, I decided that I would make coffee and toast for breakfast before heading out. The funny thing was that after I did all this I remembered that in thirty minutes I was to actually meet up with Sofia at the Grill and Breakfast cafe. Ah popcorn chicken! I think I'm getting Alzheimer's disease .

Today is not a good day for Uggs and yoga pants. The rain is literally seeping through my boots. As I opened the door to the cafe I realized that I left my wallet on top of the counter. I immediately slapped my face, a subconscious reflex we all do. What am I going to do now I thought to myself. Oh well I should probably just tell Sofia that I would pay her back tomorrow. Yah! That's what I will do.

I waved as our eyes came in contact. She chose a spot near the window. Oh great I thought. As I sat down I decided to let it all out, when suddenly I saw. I thought Oh well what must he be doing here. Maybe he just came for a quick bite before school. Oh that makes him even more interesting. Then my phone came to my attention. I didn't text him back; I was so caught up with everything. Oh shit! What must I do? Yah I should go talk to him. He probably will be more understanding.

His deep voice brought reality back to my attention. With it came a girl. She was standing all up in Noel's grill. Who was she? Most importantly to him. My eyes quickly averted to the positioning of Noel's hand on her ass. He was smiling at her eyes, and then the worse happened. He gave her a peck on the lips. All I could do was stare. It did not take Sofia long to realize who I was staring at .

"What are you looking at"?

"Um...", I stuttered.What should I tell her?

"Come on. You haven't said a word to me since you've gotten here. That's not like you, something must be wrong. Tell me".

Her eyes and facial expression was full of concerned, but before I had the time to open my mouth she had already turned around.

" Is that Noel? OMG Lay. Go say something"!

Then just like a motherfucker I decided to put my head down and cry.Was I that stupid to think a guy could be interested in me? I've been played with before, to the point were I was depressed and and insecure. What else was there to do but cry? He was probably just a fuckboy anyways.

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