"Goodnight sweetie, I love you." My dad kissed my forehead before walking out of my room and closing the door behind him.

I got comfortable in my bed before closing my eyes. I then heard small noises in my room so I squirmed around in my bed.

"Rayley." I heard someone whisper my name. My eyes quickly opened and I sprung up from my bed, only to be faced with a dark figure seated on my bed.

"What the f-" I got cut off by the mystery guy putting his hand over my mouth.

"Shhh." He held his index finger up to his lips. I started licking the guy's palm of his hand, since it was still put over my mouth.

"Ew." He didn't hesitate to take his hand away and wipe his palm on his pants.

"Who are you and why are you in my room in the middle of the night?" I tried my best not to scream or I'll wake my parents up.

"Are you serious? It's Cameron." He gave me a dull tone. I reached over to my bedside table to turn on the lamp. It gave me a chance to take a better look at Cameron.

Cameron is known as the bad boy type or also known as my neighbour. We haven't really talked to each other much ever since he moved here a month ago with his mom. I mean except for the occasional "hello" in the morning.

"Oh.. What are you doing here?" I asked, annoyed that he was intruding my sleeping.

"I don't know, just wanted to get to know you better." Cameron shrugged. I took a glance at the time, which read 2:13 am.

"You seriously have to do this at like 2 am?" I rolled my eyes.

"C'mon, your parents will never let me come over during the day." He reasoned.

"True. Very true." I nodded my head in agreement. My parents hate Cameron, they think he's a bad influence since he always gets into trouble. They think it would be best if I stay away from him.

"So do you have a girlfriend?" I broke the silence between us.

"Why? You want to be mine?" He teased, giving me a slight smirk.

"You wish. I have a boyfriend." I laughed lightly.

"Tell me about him." Cameron looked at me in awe.

"His name is Justin. He acts like he doesn't give a shit about anything but I know he does. I know he loves me a lot even if he doesn't show it that much sometimes.. I would say he's an overprotective but caring guy." I trailed off at the end.

I heard Cameron mumble a few words to himself but I couldn't hear what he had said.


5 am

"I should go. A princess needs her beauty sleep." He gave me a warm smile before getting off my bed.

"Oh and you should really lock your windows, babe." Cameron winked at me before lifting the window open and disappearing into the night.


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