Dirty Ray Ray imagine pt. 1 By Sierra

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Your at home cooking dinner and you here the front door open sand u know its yo boy ray. He walks in the kitchen and kisses your neck. You know what he wants.horny mofo.

Yn:babe not now im making dinner.

Ray:so i need you.......now.

Yn: ray the food will burn.

Ray: ignores you , puts you on the dinner table and fingers you.

Yn: moans

Ray: you like that huh.

Yn:mmmm yes ray

Ray: well there more where that came from.(smirks)

Yn: nooo i have to finish cooking so we can eat.

Ray:(whines) but i dont want that food i wanna eat you.

Yn: and im saying not now.

Ray:(kisses his teeth) fine be like that

Yn thinks he went upstairs but he didnt he hid behind the couch. When you were finish cooking you called ray but no response so you went up stairs to yall room but he wasnt in there you check the bathroom he wasnt there so you came out the bathroom to see the door locked and ray ahs and evil smirk on his face. You know he gets like this when he gets horny.

Yn: ray wat are you doing.

Ray: i told i want you now we gon do this the easy way or the hard way your choice.

Yn:i would say no way im out.(trys to leave but ray pushes you to the wall and he has your hands above your head.)

Ray: i guess we doing this the hard way.

Ray pushes you on the bed and starts sucking on your neck. You moan. He goes down to your shorts and rips them off kisses up your thigh.

Yn:(moans) stops teasing me. You bastard you have me wantin you now.

Ray: thats what i wanted ( smiles and whispers in her ear)

Yn:(blushes)oooo you rude.

ray slips off her underwear and eats her out.

Yn: ahhhhhh RAAAYYYY!!

Ray- spells his name in her p**sy.

Yn(screaming in pleasure)

ray: oo baby you're amazing.

Yn:i need you in me now.

Ray- dont have to tell me twice

Ray takes off the rest of your clothes and his and he rams into without warning but your use to it. He thrusting in out your moaning so loud i bet them neighbors know his name. The bed was shaking he went fast and slow.

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