Chapter 20: The Kiss

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NaMi's POV

I closed the door behind me and tiptoed my way to his bedroom. I think I should also get used to his maze like bedroom cause it's really making my head spin. He was still sleeping soundly when I arrived. I placed the towel and the bowl to where I placed the tray earlier. Then I noticed his sleeping presence. To be honest, he looks handsome and totally opposite to the Sehun I kept seeing everyday with an impression of always crossing his eyebrows and that undying cold poker face of his. Now, seeing his sleeping form, he looks more calm and not that bossy arrogant one. I just wish he'll just be sleeping forever in that way I'll never see that jerky, cold, heartless brat. Just then he flinched and spoke.

"You're free to take a picture of me. It lasts long." Tch. As if I would? I'd rather burn your face alive than take a picture and burn the picture. I wanted to say it to him but since he's sick and weakly I'd rather not say those things. He must be grateful that he's sick or else I might have done everything I can do just to teach thi bastard some lessons. And to tell you it's free, the lessons are free.

"Just shut up and take some rest. I just going to damp you with this towel. This will help recover you from flu" I said and started placing the towel to the bowl of water and squeezed it so squeeze out the water.

"You don't have to do this. I have my servants out there to do this." He said while coughing and sneezing right after. Aigoo... I might catch his cold. Tsk.

"They've been trying to convince you drinking your medicines since yesterday yet you're too stubborn to take it what more if they bathe you with this. I'm sure you're going to decline it a hundred times until they'll give up. So I got nothing to do but help them by letting you take the medicines and give you some rest." I stated as I started wiping the damp towel to his right arm. It felt really hot. His temperature is really high. Does he want to die? Thank goodness I'm helping him now.

"Psh.. whatever. You're not my mom anyways." He rolled his eyes and tried to struggle away from my grip but I held his arm tight.

"So do I have to call your mom just to for you to take your medicines? Why didn't I think of that?" I say sarcastically.

"Such a mama's boy." I added and he didn't reply back since he's starting to get annoyed with the towel bathing.

After a while...

"Just take some rest now. I'll just call on the servants to take care of the rest. It's past afternoon already. I told my dad that I'll be early today. So I guess I'll leave first." Just as I was about to move out he grabbed a hold of my wrist. It jolted me in surprise and it felt electrifying when he held my wrist. I stiffened in place and turned my head to his direction. I gave him a questioning look.

"What is it?" I asked and I can see in his eyes saying not to leave him. Maybe I'm just seeing things. And yes my thoughts were right when he said,

"Don't leave me... please..." He begged and I was battling with my thoughs whether or not should I leave him. But he looks pitiful now. It another first from him.

"I'll just go out to call the servants to take care of you or probably Butler Mark." I said and tried breaking away from his grip when he held it tight. His droopy eyes which I pitied most of him makes me want to stay but I can't leave dad and Eunji alone tonight.

"I want you only... I don't want any one else. Please..." With his words I heard my heart skipped a beat. Never expected those words to come out from his. Never even expected to hear my heart skipped a beat. And the next thing I did was to give up and accompany him. I'm really pitiful to see him like that.

"Alright, fine... I'll stay here. I'll just text Eunji & dad that I won't be home tonight." I say and I heard him murmur something which I somehow tried to decipher and understood it.

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