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"Hey babe, you gonna be home for Christmas?" Harry asks, phone between his ear and shoulder as he checks on the cookies baking in the oven. 

"Funny you ask that Haz," Louis replies. 

"Why...?" Harry questions, slowly trailing off as he hears a knock at the door. Shutting the oven, Harry makes his way to the door and opens it only to be greeted by the sight of his fiancé in a cute little Santa hat. 

"Merry Christmas eve eve," Louis giggles, stepping into the house and placing a kiss onto the younger boy's cheek. 

"Happy Louis Eve," Harry smirks, looking down at his baby who just rolls his eyes in response. 

"Do I smell cookies?" the shorter of the two raises an eyebrow before kicking off his shoes, placing his Santa hat on the bench, and making his way into the kitchen. 

"Mhm," Harry hums, coming up behind Louis and wrapping his arms around his waist. Turning around in his fiancé's arms, Louis lifts himself up onto his toes so he can kiss Harry on the lips. They share a sweet and gentle kiss for a few seconds before Louis pulls away. 

"So, I have something to tell you," Louis bites his lip, a blush beginning to coat his cheeks. Harry just stands there, waiting for Louis to continue. "Okay so. Don't be mad but um I might have possibly gotten my ass tattooed?" Louis stumbles over his words, making it come out as more of a question. 

"You what?" Harry laughs, clutching his stomach. 

"I got my ass tattooed," Louis grumbles, folding his arms as a pout settles onto his lips. 

"Oh my god," Harry wheezes, trying to catch his breath. 

"It's not funny," the older of the two whines, stomping his foot in annoyance. Harry smiles wide, causing his dimples to appear. 

"Do I get to see this tattoo?" the dimpled-boy questions. Rolling his eyes, Louis turns so his backside is facing his fiancé and quickly pulls his joggers down, giving Harry a clear view of the new ink. 

"Are those my initials?" 


"I can't believe you got my initials tattooed on your damn ass, Louis." 

"I was drunk, okay?" 

"You were drunk and your first thought when getting a tattoo, something that will be on your skin forever, was me?" 

"Of course, babycakes. I love you." 

"Mmm, and I love you." 

The couple share a kiss, just as the timer for the cookies go off. 

"Might wanna get those before they burn," Louis chuckles. Harry rolls his eyes before going into the kitchen to remove the cookies from the oven. Not even waiting before the cookies cool, Louis takes one and pops it into his mouth which earns him a playful smack to the arm from the younger boy. Louis just gives him a close-mouthed smile, his cheeks puffing out due to the chewed up cookie in his mouth. 

After he's finished eating the pastry, the two lay on the couch and cuddle. Louis' head is on Harry's chest while Harry runs his fingers through the smaller boy's fringe. Harry's eyes catch the sight of their digital clock turning from 11:59 to 12:00. 

"Hey Lou, you still awake?" Harry gets a muffled 'yes' in response. 

"Happy Birthday, love." 

Louis thanks him with a kiss to the lips. Smiling into the kiss, Harry mumbles out a phrase that includes his new favorite nickname for his baby. 

"You're such a peach."  

*** This is literally shit but I wanted to write a cute one shot based on Louis posting that selfie of him getting his ass tattoo while using the peach emoji. ***

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