{Christmas Week} Day 5: Decorating

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Kagura's POV

I woke up with Frosch cuddled up to me. He was in between me and Rogue.

I smiled and pulled Frosch close to me.

"Huh?" Frosch yawned. "Oh hi Kagura..." He smiled gently at me.

"Good morning, Frosch." I greeted before Frosch yawned again and fell asleep.

I sighed and smiled. Him and Rogue were absolutely and undeniably adorable.

I raised my vision slightly so I could see Rogue. He was sleeping peacefully, all his fears and worries seemed to have vanished. In fact, he was even smiling.

I smiled, blushing a bit, and got up.

I looked around.

He had no holiday decorations except for one small, bare, Christmas tree.
'Hmm... Maybe I should decorate for him...' I was quite fond of that idea, so I slowly crept around his house, trying to search for any sort of decorations he had.

I had been creeping around his house for a good 15 minutes, and I couldn't find anything.
'Damn.' I sighed.

Just then I heard a few footsteps come down the stairs. I turned to see that it was Frosch.
"What are you doing, Kagura?" He whispered sleepily.
"Rogue has no decorations up, so I wanted to try and find some, but he doesn't seem to have any." I shrugged.
Frosch looked at me curiously for a moment. "We go out and buy some! We'll leave Rogue-kun a letter, if he wakes up." He suggested.

I stared at Frosch for a moment, since it was an idea I would never expect out of him. 'Maybe I don't give him enough credit.' I blinked and finally replied saying, "That's a good idea. Frosch, do you mind writing the note while I get ready?"
Frosch simply nodded and went into the kitchen, trying to find a notepad and pen.

I crept back upstairs and quickly got changed into the clothes I brought with me.

I quietly went down the stairs. Frosch joined me and we headed out.

"Kagura..." He tugged on my pants, "Pick me up?" He pouted.
I smiled and gently picked him and patted his head.
"Thank you." He gave a large grin.
'I have a huge soft spot for Frosch... Don't I?' I gave a small laugh and started heading towards city plaza, knowing there would be shops there that sold holiday decorations.

As we got into town, a shop that sold Christmas lights caught my eyes.
"Frosch, look over there!" I pointed at the store gleefully.
He looked at the shop excitedly. "Let's go!"

We walked in.
The store was warm due to the several lights all being on.
"That one!" Frosch pointed behind me.
I turned around, behind me were bright fairy lights that had an alternating pattern of red, white, and green.
"It looks beautiful, Frosch." And without a second glance I gently put Frosch on the ground and picked up the box.

We walked over to the counter and I paid for the lights.

Luckily, the box wasn't too big, so I could still buy a little buy more.

I ended up buying a small wreath a decorations for the Christmas tree.

We arrived back at Rogue's house.
"Rogue-kun?" Frosch said quietly as he entered.
There was no reply.

"Good. He's not awake yet, it'll be a surprise." I smiled and put all the things down.

I put the Christmas tree decorations by the tree and opened them.

"Frosch, can you decorate the Christmas tree while I hang up the lights?" I looked at him, my voice gentle.
"Of course!" Frosch nodded immediately and picked up a small red bulb from the box full of Christmas tree decor.

It took probably two hours for us to finally finish.
"I'm surprised Rogue-kun didn't wake up yet." Frosch scratched his head.
"I don't know–" I was caught off by a loud groggy voice.
"I heard my name." Rogue stomped down the stairs.

Frosch picked up the last decoration for the Christmas tree, and it was the star.

"Rogue-kun!" Frosch jumped and down. "Help me put the star on!"

He smiled tiredly and walked over to us and held him up so Frosch could reach the top of the tree.

Frosch gently put it on and we all smiled.

"You two did an amazing job..." He smiled, his voice slightly slurred.
"Fro thinks so too!" Frosch clapped happily and me and Rogue laughed.

"I love you both..." I smiled.
"We love you too, Kagura." Frosch and Rogue said in union.

"So what do we have tomorrow?" I asked.
"Just to spend time together." Rogue shrugged.
"So family time?" Frosch said.
I smiled and so did Rogue.
"Yes," he said, "Family time."

Author's note: I'm sorry this is such a short chapter and I missed yesterday. I've just been so busy. HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE EVERYBODY. I'll be writing another chapter today.
Also, no editing was done in this chapter, I apologize.

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