Luke Hemmings Imagine

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You stood in the international arrivals terminal at the airport, nervously twisting your hair around your pointer finger. you could hear the chiming of the bracelet on your wrist that luke gave you before he left for tour. it had been almost 6 months since you had seen him in person and every worst possible thought fled through your head.

"what if he doesn't love me anymore?"

stop that. luke was crazy about- WAS...

your swirling thoughts were interrupted by the sight of that blonde hair and amazing eyes. Luke the guy you're absolutely head over heals madly in love with. he is your other half and you cant breathe when you're not with him.

you see him run towards you and you lose your breath again. you leap into him, his strong arms engulfing you and he spins you around. you get a whiff of his amazing scent as the feeling of being with him overtakes you. Joy, pure happiness races through your bones as your wrap your arms around his warm neck, placing your head against his chest before sliding it up to the crook of his neck and in that moment you felt like everything was in slow motion and you felt complete, like nothing could break you. slowly you let go and came back to reality from the embrace. you felt tears rolling down your cheek as you looked up at the angel starring back at you, wiping the tears away from his tear-ducts. he leans in as you bite your lip, smiling. his plump lush lips crash into yours and your entire body tingles with adrenaline. the kiss lasts for what seems like forever. his hands go to your jaw line, then his right glides to grace your neck as his left melts down to around your hip, grabbing your waist with the utmost lust and strength. your right hand lays on his firm chest, and your left gravitates to his neck. you pull away and look down as you hear that amazing voice,

"I missed you so much. couldn't bear another day without you in my arms. I love you so much."

you look up at him as he gazes lovingly into your eyes. you peck him on the lips and respond,

" I love you too Luke.'

you grab his hand as grabs his suitcase, then he slides his arm up to lay on top of your shoulders and you hug his mid section as he kisses the top of your head and you walk to the car.

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