Just Drive

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---James Park's P.O.V.----------

The second I entered the house I knew that something was wrong. I
Turned the corner to see my girlfriend Natalie and my cousin Jo making out on the sofa. "Natalie, is why is Jo at our house?" I said sounding hurt. Jo and Natalie bolted apart and looked down at the hardwood floor. Natalie finally spoke up,"James it's not what it looks like. I was just.." I cut her off. "So it wasn't you cheating on me with my cousin Jo," I yelled. Jo started saying all this crap about how he had fallen on the sofa and landed on top of her. I threw my keys at them and stomped out the door. Today was supposed to be perfect.

I walked out of the car dealer's and drove home in my new jeep. I was so excited to show this bad boy to my girl.

I was so mad that I thought steam would come out of my ears any minute. I got in my car and drove for hours going well past the speed limit. I gripped the steering wheel so hard my knuckles turned white. I stopped at an old gas station to fill up the tank in my new car. I walked towards the store's door with a rusted open sign. I heard a scream and started running in the direction it came from, and into the dim alley up ahead.

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